Church pastors become atheists


More than 200 church leaders across the country now say they no longer believe in God, including a Houston-area pastor who was one of the first to publicly announce his decision. Mike Aus, who was pastor at Theophilus church in Katy, made that announcement during an appearance on a Sunday morning show on MSNBC.Up with Chris Hayes” program. “If they did, the whole thing would be in trouble.”

Theophilus church members told Local 2 Investigates they were blind-sided by the announcement. They said they had no idea Aus had completely changed his beliefs until they saw him on the program.

“Are you going to preach next Sunday?” host Chris Hayes asked Aus.

“I’m going to go back next week and meet with my leadership and talk about where we go from here,” said Aus. “We’ll see.”

Aus was a long-time Lutheran pastor at churches in the Houston area, but now he said he no longer believes in the message he had been preaching for almost 20 years. Aus declined Local 2′s request for an interview. He said his statements on MSNBC explained his loss of faith.

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