Islamic hardliners announce fatwa on Malala Yousafzai


British-based Islamic radicals are preparing to announce a fatwa on Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year-old girl shot by the Pakistan Taliban, for her role in standing up to extremists.

The story of Malala, who is recovering at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, has touched millions of people around the world since she was attacked by a gunman on her way home from school last month.

She had dared to defy the Pakistan Taliban by promoting girls education and by documenting their abuses in a blog written in 2009.

Later this month, hardliners plan to gather at the notorious Red Mosque in Islamabad to denounce her as an apostate, accusing her of turning her back on Islam.

Anjem Choudary, who lives in East London and is one of the founders of al-Muhajiroun, which was banned in 2010, said the conference would announce the fatwa.

Although apostasy carries the death sentence according to Islamic law, he insisted he was not calling for Malala’s death.

Written By: Rob Crilly
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  1. ‘Although apostasy carries the death sentence according to Islamic law, he insisted he was not calling for Malala’s death.’  That lying, disingenuous bastard, he knows exactly by issuing a fatwa some faithhead will carry it out.  He should be tried for incitement to violence post haste.

  2. This is an ideal opportunity to bring the immature playground bully that is Choudary to justice. Although a fatwa is just an Islamic “ruling”, issuing a fatwa for apostasy is tantamount to demanding that a death sentence be carried out. As Malala is currently on British soil, making a public demand for the killing of a child should be acted upon by the CPS immediately.
    Unfortunately, as usual, the hate-filled Muslim bigot will win the day as with Qatada. No-one in the Uk has the cojones to stand up to these pigs….

  3. A Bunch of shameless child killers. They just showed themselves as asinine scoundrels calling on a kid to fight them. They should be ashamed and I bet that stone age people were more civilized and protective of children for the sake of their society rather than forsaking them for the sake of their brutal god.

  4. Incitement to commit a criminal act (as a crime) in England was abolished in 2008.  Inciting hatred toward an individual or a group because of their religion is however a crime.  So for the absurd laws of England it is quite OK for a religious fektard to attempt to coerce another shitehead to commit murder but if you happen to make disparaging comments like fektard and shitehead about such people which could be construed as an attack on their bent epistomological system you can actually be arrested (for upsetting them).

    Choudhary in a perverse way is doing us a favour.   I’ve no idea what the odds are that some limpbrain will take his fatwa seriously and I suspect we have to be guarded. However he is showing everyone including the liberal multicultural apologists first hand what a backward, barbarous, evil, sinister and antihuman cult islam actually is.  What else would you call a religious cult that attempts to kill a 15 year old girl for daring to disagree with its mysoginism and thinks it is justified in doing so.

    Would Baroness Warsi or the AoC care to comment?

  5. +1 Vorlund

     Is Choudhary channeling the spirit of a dead Westboro Baptist?

    This is the same hateful person that is trying to bring Sharia to East London. I’m hoping that the East End is still as robust as it was when I lived there. It cheers me up to think of the responses he will have received.

    He also goes in for hate speech at soldiers funerals, is said to have supported and trained islamic fundamentalists in the UK to fight abroad and applauds murder, misogyny and numerous other misanthropies….and now he supports a fatwa for Malala Yousafzai for trying to get an education – something he notably failed to manage when he flunked out of 1st year medical school – incredible bravery from her, sociopathic cowardice from him; notice the weaseling out – “he insisted he was not calling for Malala’s death”.

    He’s a solicitor (in November of 2008 Choudary said “Islam is not a religion of peace…It is a religion of submission. We need to submit to the will of Allah.”) and (as Allah doesn’t exist) a hypocrite who likes the idea of power exerted by intermediaries such as himself.

    It seems quite likely that his existence would justify the unearthing of that old phrase ‘criminally insane’.

  6. It was abolished by the Serious Crime Act 2007, but continues in other offences and as the basis of the new offence of “encouraging or assisting” the commission of a crime.

     How did it happen? f**k only knows this is England where parliament is led by successions of slightly crazy Scotsmen, warmongers and elite flanneled fools and MPs who fiddle expenses and take part in reality TV shows.  Am I getting warm?

  7. And theists ask “Why are you atheists so angry.  Why don’t you just let people believe what they want.”

    Arrrggghhh …. FFS …. If religinuts can shoot an innocent wee girl, or subject them to FGM, they deserve an eternity in a real Hell.  8-((((

  8. Choudary is a blowhard and a joke. He’s about as legitimate a voice for Islam as Fred Phelps is for the Church of England. He’s a publicity hungry media whore and every time we link to stories about him or click through to a news site and throw up our hands in outrage WE ARE HELPING HIM TO ACHIEVE THE PUBLICITY HE DESIRES!

    This Salon article captures his appeal qite nicely:

    If I were a rightwing islamophobe I’d go out of my way to ensure that Choudary got as much exposure as possible. As it is, as an arab and an atheist, I see him for what he is: a cartoon avatar for ‘fanatical Islam’.

    Ignore him. He’ll go away. His only power is the media platform we all grant him.

  9. “grow some balls and go out and do something about the Muslims that (sic) have invaded your country”
    Any specific suggestions? Seeing as you clearly know so much about the situation over here in the UK, perhaps you could advise us on how we break free of our “passive-aggressive whining”.

  10. Perhaps Darth Imperious can explain how that would make us any different to Anjem Choudary? LIke it or not, not all UK muslims are like Anjem regardless of how nasty their religion is. Though a few more speaking out against him publicly would be welcome. Perhaps following the examples of all the muslim women who held vigils for her when she first came to England.

    Maybe it is muslim women who are the brave ones in Islam, and muslim men the morons?

    Metamag what sort of sick comment are you making? Malalas father has been behind her all the way, every step of the way. He has been both proud of her and terrified for her. He teaches girls in pakistan in his job as a teacher! He has raised a brilliantly brave daughter and supported her and wanted her to have an education. Have you not seen the interviews they’d done or read her blogs before she was shot?

    How can you compare him to those ‘brave’ taliban members? You know, the ones who armed only with loads of guns, bravely took on a whole busload of dangerous schoolgirls with their lethal bags of books and homework diaries. Because who knows what an educated girls could do to a useless taliban waste of the earths precious resources. There is no comparison.

    If incitement to religious hatred is illegal than I can’t see why that cannot be used against Choudary? Malala is after all a muslim, just one with a different take on Islam to him. Is that therefore not incitement to religious hatred against her? A little like catholic christians inciting religious hatred against protestant christians or vice versa in Northern Ireland.

    Don’t we also now have anti stalking laws in place? After some high profile cases where threats to people were ignored till it was too late. I’m sure threats to harm someone could come under that as well.

    If not – why should fatwas be always limited to Islam? Anjem Choudary seems to make a temporary move to sharia and a nice fatwa on him really appealing. Though obviously with the same caveats he has put in place, that it is a death sentence but not calling for his death.

  11. We are always hearing that most muslims are law abiding citizens. Well now is a good time to hear them disown Choudary. Come on all you good Muslims let’s hear your voices of support for Malala and your condemnation of Choudary. Perhaps baroness Warsi could take a lead on this. I will assume that silence is a vote of support for the fatwa. It’s time for you speak up.

  12. I’m waiting for the day that moderate Muslims issue a fatwa on Anjem Choudary and those like him for bringing their religion into disrepute.

    But I’m not holding my breath, because I honestly don’t think there are any

  13. …possibly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read on this site. 

    Presumably  Malala, her family, their friends and all the millions of Muslims who deplore her shooting don’t count. 

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