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If you are one of the many people who have determined that religion no longer has a place in their life, but are still dealing with the after-effects in some way or another, Recovering From Religion (RR) may be for you.  It can be difficult to leave religion because family and culture put so much pressure on us to stay and pretend to believe the unbelievable.  If this is you, RR want to help you find your way out.


RR is made up of people who have all given religion our best shot, but we can’t bring ourselves to accept the unacceptable any longer. If you’ve ever questioned the archaic edicts and laws of holy books, the inconsistent morality and questionable motive of ancient teachings (along with their many modern interpretations); if you’ve raised an eyebrow to virgin births, or found the flaws in resurrections, bronze age “miracles” and the ridiculously misguided “power of prayer;” then Recovering From Religion is the place for you.


We are recovering from every imaginable religion: Baptists, Mormons, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Hindus, Muslims, Lutherans, Pentecostals, Evangelicals, and many more. We are happy, we are healthy, and we warmly welcome you to a life free of the confines of faith.

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Make connections with others who have questioned or left their religious beliefs is an important step to building your secular support network. Whether you’re a lifelong nonbeliever or just reconsidering religion’s role in your life, local RR groups meet monthly all over the world to provide this support and encouragement.

Our facilitator-led small groups welcome everyone exploring their journey away from the confines of faith regardless of where they are on the spectrum of disbelief. For people without a group near them we also offer online support for those recovering from religion including closeted nonbelievers, mixed marriage support, Deaf/HoH, “Preachers’ Kids”, and “C2C”, also known as “Connected to Clergy” for non believing family members of religious leaders.

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Hotline Project

Recovering from Religion receives countless emails and phone calls from people seeking help on their journey away from faith at all hours of the day and night. Many of these people report feeling isolated and alone, unable to talk to their friends and family. Leaving your religion might not be an overnight experience, but our Hotline Project we will offer 24/7 national, regional, and local resources – a secular support network people can utilize in their most urgent time of need.

Agents will be available through this toll free phone number and integrated online chat options to provide both a listening ear and recommended resources both on and offline. Volunteer phone agents are being trained now, and the live launch of the Hotline is just around the corner.

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Secular Therapist Project

Many people are confused and frustrated when their therapist includes religious language and practices in therapy sessions. While mental health therapy should never be infused with supernatural or unscientific methods, it happens all too often, despite being against basic standards of clinical practice. Because of this, the Secular Therapy Project matches vetted and screened therapists who are committed to using nonreligious, approved methodology in their approach to mental health treatment.

Our therapists will never allow religious, spiritual or supernatural beliefs to influence the therapeutic process, all while respecting the beliefs and views of their clients. We also know there are many secular therapists, but they cannot openly advertise as secular for fear of losing clients or other negative social and professional consequences. Therapists and clients BOTH can register anonymously for free.

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