Website FAQ

Known Issues

From time to time, technology fails us and we need to fix things.  Below will be a constantly updated list of issues/errors that we know about and are actively working to fix.

  • RSS Feeds and Social Media Icons (Chrome for Windows only)-  The RSS feed and Social Media icons in Chrome for Windows are not showing up in their proper place next to the News and Original categories on the front page. (The issue is only known to be occurring on Windows 7, if it is occurring for you on a different version of Windows please let us know using the feedback button in the bottom left corner of the site).  While we work on a fix for this issue, use the following in-line links to get the feeds for News and Originals.


If you notice any other issues on the site, do not hesitate to send us feedback using the ‘?’ icon in the bottom left corner of the website.


Q: ‘I’m having trouble logging into my account!’

A: We performed a password reset at the end of May 2014 for all users.  If you didn’t reset your password at that time, you may do so here. You must login using your username, not your email. If you have signed up for an account and cannot login it is likely that you haven’t yet activated your account.  Check for an email titled “[Richard Dawkins Foundation] Activate Your Account” from  Please note this email may be in your spam folder.

Q: Can I edit my comments?

A: Comments can be edited, however edits can only be made within 10 mins of posting.  A countdown timer with an ‘edit’ link will appear to show you how much time you have left.

Q: Why can’t I comment on Secular Stars/Science Says articles?

A: As part of our agreement with sites from which we are importing content, commenting will occur exclusively on the content provider’s site.  Users may follow the source link included in each article to comment on the content provider’s site directly.

 Q: What happened to Discussions?

A: The Discussions feature is being discontinued on the new website.  We are shifting the focus of the website to become a source of information from renowned, credible and popular bloggers and writers in the science and secular community. However, we are keeping an active archive of previous discussions.  You can find the Discussion Archive under the ‘Community’ drop-down in the main menu or by clicking here.

 Q: What happened to the ‘continue reading’ link/How do I continue to the source article? (Does not apply to Secular Stars/Science Says)

A:  The ‘continue reading’ feature is still a part of all the article we post, it is just slightly different.  In the figure below, you can see the word “Source” followed by a source name.  To follow a source link or to continue reading any article simply click the name of the source located at the bottom of the article. Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 4.52.38 PM

Q: Where are the Upcoming Events?

A:  We will have an events calendar on the site. However, just prior to launch, a bug was discovered that caused problems for the rest of the site.  A fix is under development and will be available as soon as possible.  Event listings can be found on our Facebook Page in the interim.

 Q: What happened to the RSS feeds?

A:  RSS feeds are now available by clicking the RSS icon next to Originals and News.

Q: What happened to user-submitted News articles?

A:  We have opted for an internal method of news gathering for the new site. The material coming through user submissions was too often incomplete, inaccurate or used poor sourcing practices. If you have any feedback on the news sources, please don’t hesitate to send us feedback or suggestions using the Feedback icon (shown below) located in the bottom-left of the screen.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 2.44.16 PM