1. You nailed it.  And why the test tubes?  Always with the damned test tubes.

    Capitalism creates accommodationism like this.  Any effort to appeal to the broadest audience possible will always result in a watered-down, PC product.

  2. “MAUCHCollapse
    I just don’t understand. Why cancel anything when it is perfectly compatible to simultaneously hold a belief in magic and science?”I think there was a typo in your post.  I’m sure you meant it’s perfectly compatible to simultaneously hold a belief in magic and *religion* — not “magic and science”.But I suppose I could be wrong in my interpretation of your post……

  3. There is a problem when a school cant teach children the science evolution,it would only lead to less intelligent children.these fairy tales have already caused so much problems in history.   

  4. If science were no longer taught in schools would scientists be forced to make churches of science and indoctrinate their pupils at a young age to keep up with religion? If so then would laboratories get tax breaks?

  5. The element at the centre of the molecule is christium.  It’s the only group 8 element that actually has a valency of 8 and is capable of bonding to carbon, oxygen and hydrogen to form the compound illustrated: carbon christanal.  This is a hallucinogen with side effects that include credulity, loss of discrimination, and the embracing of bizarre and improbable ideas.  Its long-suspected presence in communion wafers has recently been confirmed, and aerosol forms have been found in bible packaging materials and church pew polish.

    Moves are being made to introduce it as an additive to the cleaning fluids employed in public schools and lavatories.

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