How dare you not defend Alex!


In a letter to the editor in the latest edition of the National Secular Society’s very excellent Newsline, Raymond Carlise writes:


I have considered Edward Conduit’s appeal to sign the petition in defence of the Indonesian atheist who has been jailed for saying there is no God, but have concluded that I cannot sign [the] Avaaz petition for Alex.
There may well be no God for Alex, as for you or for me. With the Indonesians however it’s evidently a different matter. The limits of subjectivity and of objectivity have to be recognized.


Hmm. But isn’t Alex also an Indonesian? What about his culture and opinion? Or does that not count?

This is the same racist cultural relativism that sees the ‘other’ as one and the same with the state and established religious institutions that oppresses them and ignores and justifies violations of rights and freedoms at the expense of countless dissenters such as Alex.

Written By: Maryam Namazie
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  1. Thank you Maryam for reminding me where my loyalties lay, the same goes for Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her comment about the outrage there would be if girls being spirited away for FGM were white.

    I’m ashamed I had to be reminded.

  2. My answer to any moral or cultural relativist who is trying to make a point is:

    “If you think everything is relative, what are you doing by making a point, or entering in to any debate? BY YOUR OWN RULES, nobody can neither agree nor disagree with you. If you think there is no right or wrong, fuck off, and leave the arguing to those who think there is.”

  3. Relativists are also funny. The consequences of their beliefs are not. The fact people think he needed to be beaten and arrested because it hurts their poor baby fee-fees is funny, ridiculous. The fact they did so is not. That’s how it goes. Funny mixed with not funny. Virtually nothing should be looked at entirely seriously or purely humorously.

  4. All religions are fragile …tap them gently…they throw you in jail for two years.

    All bullies and cowards react that way…they get challenged they end up with big blubbery tears and sucking their thumb claiming the big boys are so beastly.

    They are contemptible…they bring shame on humanity…every theist and every church and every religion….pathetic losers!

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