Derren Brown talks to Tim Minchin – BBC Radio 4


Last week’s interviewee, Illusionist Derren Brown, dispenses with the trickery and gets inside the mind of Tim Minchin by cleverly asking him some questions then listening to the answers.

They talk beliefs, magic, music and Minchin.

Episode 4 of 6, Series 8

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  1. I just caught the end of this.  Minchin seems to think that he is neither particularly attractive nor a good singer.  I have to say I reject those opinions in the strongest terms.  He is an absolute dish and he can sing beautifully.

  2. Enjoyed that! Two of my favorite entertainers. Tim’s response about Richard Dawkins excellent:

    “I don’t really care what people think about his approach, he’s one of the greatest evolutionary biologists of all time!”

  3. It was good to hear that Tim will continue to attack weird beliefs in his future repertoire. He’s done that previously with great success. Here’s an evergreen of his:

  4. Excellent. An evening with these two would be awesome. Love Derren’s impression of RD! If you’re not familiar with Tim’s ‘magic tricks’ then “Cont.” is epic (but you’ll need to listen to it all for the punchline).

  5. Clever, multi-talented, entertaining, non-too-nerdy, blokes, both. I think they make rational thinking cool. A lot of my teenage kids’ friends think so.

  6. I appreciate the posting, as I likely would not have caught this otherwise.

    These two have been on my short list of favorite people going on about four years now, and I can’t get enough of anything they come out with.

  7. A very funny exchange between two VERY smart & quick-thinking guys!
    When are either coming to the U.S.???

  8. Omg, this is so exciting! I can’t wait to listen, two of my favourite talkers in the whole world talking to each other 😀

  9. That one always brings a big smile. I hadn’t previously noticed the genitals that appear on the male characters. The lyrics are clever, priceless and… best of all… TRUE!
    Now… why can’t I see the interview (in Chicago)?

  10. The version with the Heritage Orchestra is even better – the orchestration is fantastic.  And his approach to the subject reminds me of what Sean Lock said: “It’s situations like this that swearing was ******* invented for.”

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