Experiments illuminate how order arises in the cosmos


One of the unsolved mysteries of contemporary science is how highly organized structures can emerge from the random motion of particles. This applies to many situations ranging from astrophysical objects that extend over millions of light years to the birth of life on Earth.

The surprising discovery of self-organized electromagnetic fields in counter-streaming ionized gases (also known as plasmas) will give scientists a new way to explore how order emerges from chaos in the cosmos. This breakthrough finding was published online in the journal Nature Physics on September 30.

“We’ve created a model for exploring how electromagnetic fields help organize ionized gas or plasma in astrophysical settings, such as in the plasma flows that emerge from young stars,” said lead author Nathan Kugland, a postdoctoral researcher in the High Energy Density Science Group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). “These fields help shape the flows, and likely play a supporting role alongside gravity in the formation of solar systems, which can eventually lead to the creation of planets like the Earth.”

Written By: Phys.org
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  1. Not only not requiring magic men, but a process that can and does lead to complexity. Complexities that eventually led up to the start of life of Earth.

    Oooh, how the religios must hate this stuff!

    Me? I love it!

  2. I suppose you could tease a creationist with one of those plasma ball toys that sends wriggling glowing strands to wander around the surface. “It must be god deciding where to send the streams.  The designer of the ball certainly didn’t. We can figure out what god wants. Ok,  God you want Ronald here to take off all his clothes, make the stream move toward my hand” then touch the globe, and leap back in shock.

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