Paul Broun calls evolution / big bang theory lies straight from the pit of hell


Rep. Paul Broun, who serves on the House Science Committee, told a church-sponsored banquet in his home state of Georgia that the theories of evolution and the big bang are “lies straight from the pit of hell.” Broun has long been known as one of the most conservative members of Congress, and an outspoken conservative Christian. He wanted to declare 2010 “the year of the Bible,” points out NBC News. Still, the comments from the medical doctor who also has a degree in chemistry are getting lots of attention after the Bridge Project, a progressive political watchdog group, began distributing video of the remarks.

Broun says “all that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the Big Bang theory” was part of a ploy to hide how old the Earth really is, “to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior.”

The House Science Committee had already come under scrutiny recently after Rep. Todd Akin, another one of its members, made the now-infamous remarks about “legitimate rape,” points out Talking Points Memo.

Broun plays off on his qualifications and degrees to add credence to his views:

You see, there are a lot of scientific data that I’ve found out as a scientist that actually show that this is really a young Earth. I don’t believe that the earth’s but about 9,000 years old. I believe it was created in six days as we know them. That’s what the Bible says.

And what I’ve come to learn is that it’s the manufacturer’s handbook, is what I call it. It teaches us how to run our lives individually, how to run our families, how to run our churches. But it teaches us how to run all of public policy and everything in society. And that’s the reason as your congressman I hold the Holy Bible as being the major directions to me of how I vote in Washington, D.C., and I’ll continue to do that.

Written By: Daniel Politi
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  1. Unbelievable!  How does an idiot like that get on the House Science Committee?  You would think there would be a vetting process that ensures the member is actually qualified to make decisions regarding science.

  2. How he passed biology is amazing. Perhaps he is the one who tells lies and cannot be trusted. After all he must have lied in his mind to pass biology by saying that evolution is true and valid to pass the exam. So he actually sold out his religious beliefs for personal gain to become a doctor. 

  3.   @OP:twitter  – Broun says “all that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the Big Bang theory” was part of a ploy to hide how old the Earth really is, “to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that
    from understanding that they need a savior.”

    They definitely need a saviour from muppets like him supervising and planning science in government! – as we discussed in this previous discussion about a week ago:-

    I summed him up in this earlier comment! ;-

    I’ve found out as a scientist that actually show that this is really a young Earth.  I don’t believe that the earth’s but about 9,000 years old.   I believe it was created in six days as we know them. That’s what the Bible says.

    And what I’ve come to learn is that it’s the manufacturer’s handbook, is what I call it. 

    This is the standard science duffer’s approach to technical handbooks I see! 
    Fumble around guessing and messing things up by not reading the book –
    Not that the bible would be any help – but he would only know that if he had read and understood it!

     Still with theist interpretation specs, it can tell you anything you would like to hear!

    I see he has been using the standard creationist method of learning science (pictured below) :-

  4. Billions and Billions
    How does an idiot like that get on the House Science Committee?  You
    would think there would be a vetting process that ensures the member is
    actually qualified to make decisions regarding science.

    He gets appointed by other elected numpties who have a similar mentality and shared ignorance!

  5. Compartmentalisation has a lot to answer for.

     This man is a feckin’ retarded fuckwit…shrill and strident? You better believe it. 

    This buck  eejit makes up a part of one of the most powerful institutions on the planet, the US government. 

    Very worrying times I say.

  6. Where did this guy get his medical and scientific degrees?  My guess is some bastion of  fine “Christian” education like Bob Jones University or Liberty University. If not, then he must have lied, cheated, or been motivated purely by the desire to stab science in the back.  I’ve heard of fundamentalist leaders encouraging their deluded minions to get a science degree in order to give more credence to their creationist claims or to attempt to debunk the work of real scientists and infiltrate scientific institutions.    
    Anyway, my answer to supposedly well-credentialed assholes like this is “Really? Let’s see your published, peer-reviewed research showing how evolutionary biologists and physicists have got it all wrong.  Oh, and why don’t you trot out that Nobel prize you surely must have won for overturning the most robust scientific theories in history?  Come on – don’t keep us waiting, brainiac!”

  7. Broun is not misinformed; he is lying.

    If the creationists were right, and the universe were created only 6000 years ago, then we could not very well see anything further than 6000 light-years away, could we? Light from anything further away than that, if it were created only 6000, years ago could not have reached earth by now. But our own galaxy is 100,000 light-years across, let alone the vast distances to other galaxies, such as 2,500,000 light years to the closest one — Andromeda. We would not even be able to see the stars of the local Milky Way. But we do. Therefore the creationists are not only incorrect, they are lying, because their apologists are fully aware of this, and they sweep it under the rug.

    What harm would it do, if a man told a good strong lie for the sake of the good and for the Christian church… a lie out of necessity, a useful lie, a helpful lie, such lies would not be against God, he would accept them.
    ~ Martin Luther (born: 1483-11-10 died: 1546-02-18 at age: 62)

  8. It is even worse than you thought:

    Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border and Maritime
    ·Security Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence (Vice Chair)
    Committee on Science and Technology
    ·Subcommittee on Energy and Environment
    ·Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight (Chairman) ⇐
    Republican Study Committee

    Fifth Column is a rather old fashioned term, but I think it fits Mr. Broun.

  9. quarecuss
    What is it about doctors? This ‘doctor’ and the one who has has been to heaven and back on an NDE DMT trip …. have demonstrated, once again, that so many doctor-scientists can be utterly clueless.

    PLEASE  – do not confuse (medical) doctors with scientists.

    Doctors study anatomical pictures,  medical procedure books and videos, along with drug-company prescribing manuals. 

    Scientists investigate using scientific methods

    As an analogy;  don’t confuse “technicians” or “fitters” with “research  & development engineers”!

  10. Loony tuned cretins never so loony…and on the science committee.

    I would suggest the real lunatics were the dumb git or gits that appointed him in that role in the first place!

    Just goes to show they do not have a clue, and even less understanding on what science actually is!
    That is a failing in their education, Ivy league is just not cracking it these days!
    Because that appointment is barking insanity, they should be thoroughly ashamed of betraying science.

    But I do not think they really care anyway…well obviously not!

  11. To repeat, more or less, what I said on the previous board about Mr. Broun’s comments.

    Where the hell does Broun get 9000 years from? As a Bible believer, he should surely be aware that Archbishop Ussher, a formidable Biblical scholar, calculated the birthday of the universe to be the 23rd October, 4004 bc. That would make the Earth some 6016 years old, ok nearly 6017.  Now where on earth did he get the extra 2984 years from?  He believes in the Bible, but the 9000 years ain’t there! Only the 6016 years! If a day is a day, then surely a year is a year?

    This character had better ask his “savior” how to do simple mathematics, before pontificating upon the “faults of modern science. No doubt this character uses a mobile phone, computer, modern medicine etc. If evolution is wrong then all of the science supporting those things is also “from the pit of hell”

    Bloody numbskull!

  12. By that do you mean Jehovah created photons to simulate the universe being billions of years old, sort of like taking a snapshot of a 13 billion year old universe and cloning it and that’s us?

    In that case Jehovah went to considerable effort to deceive us about the age of the universe. Why was this never mentioned in the bible? Are we like rude, ungrateful children pointing to an imaginary rabbit poking its nose out of the magician’s pocket? From the creationist view, after all the stars are without doubt Jehovah’s handiwork, but the Bible has the problem of being penned by a decentralised committee of humans, not directly by god.  Surely the provenance of the stars is more reliable.

  13. In computer programming, when you find yourself tacking on fix on fix, you say “wait a minute” there is something fundamentally wrong here. You go back to basics and simplify. 

    There is a big difference between a wild ad-hoc rationalisation for something to make excuses for a faulty theory, and building in a feature to a theory, then discovering what it predicts is indeed true.

    The first is a good sign the theory is broken. The second is that it is in good shape.  Fundamentalists flatly reject this notion.  They have the significance reversed.
    They also value the untested over the tested.  I can’t help but feel revulsion for these folk. They are like people who refuse to wash, imagining it holy.

  14. Medical Doctors are well educated in Science because science is the basis of medicine.
    Halfwits (and as I suspect fraudsters) like Broun are victims of their own stated ignorance.
    He’s trying to sell himself to a population of ill educated Americans.

  15. i don’t believe for a minute that this guys believes what he says.  this is just a cynical strategy to curry favour with a politically strong group of people on whom he depends for political survival. he’s just a hypocrite.

  16.  I’m not confusing anything.  Dr Francis Collins is the epitome of medical doctor- investigative scientist and there are many like him. They are the confused ones it would seem, judging by their religious pronouncements.

  17. How the rest of Western World must be laughing at the USA!!!! At this moment, Representative Broun makes me ashamed to self identify as an American National. 

    In less than 100 years from now, there’ll hardly be a person left on this planet who won’t replay videos on a guy like this, and laughingly shake their heads at his lunacy.

    Sadly, freedom of speech as embodied in the First Amendment has to protect his or anyone else’s freedom to utter the most ridiculous, empirically mind-numbing, irresponsible,common-senseless, stupidity.

    Yet another example of the sad, sick, toxic byproducts of the American religiocultural delusion……………….

  18. I disagree with many people who think in a 100 years (or any period from now) people will change and be sensible and embrace reason, and here is why….

    History has a habit of repeating itself….

    Christianity flourished in the first 500 years AD, but when the church felt threatened by free thinking, they put a stop on thinking and science of the time.

    In 600 AD, Islam came into the picture, and thinking and learning was embraced by Islam, which made Islam develop into a golden age by the 1200 AD.  (people in North Africa and West China today, received Islam with flowers as the ruling regime at the time was so brutal, and Islam offered equality between men of all colours and woman of all casts)

    In around 1300 AD, Islam felt threaten by all the Western Translated Philosophers text, and order a shut down on all knowledge and learning.

    Today, Islam lost all its tolerance and equality and bares no resemblance to Islam of that period. 
    So, if this tells us anything..  as society opens up and becomes more free thinking, religion clamps down, and takes society back few thousand years.

    My biggest fears are.  We will wake up one day, and see countries driven by religion practicing apartheid in the 21st century!! (hold on… i think there are few countries like that already!!)

  19. Respectfully, I think advancing technology should give all of us on the freethinker side of the aisle
    genuine optimism. Religiocultural groups can pretend to run from it, but cannot  continue to hide from it 
    much longer. And the technology of electronic media is only the first of many new kinds. I think it’s a guaranteed monkey wrench in the all too staid thinking that “History has a habit of repeating itself”.

    Do you think, for instance, that a 40,000+ assembly of Ultra Orthodox Jews at Mets Stadium
    last May happened because their Rabbinical Leadership wanted them all to hear “Take me out to the
    ball game”—Hell no!!! They’re running scared of the power of the internet that continually
    undermines and effectively weakens their communal authority. The same with the Iranian
    Theocracy, and the other Islamic Theocractic Nations.

    How much longer do you think top rated Universities ANYWHERE are going to permit students without
    proper, accredited, course backgrounds at the Secondary Level in evolutionary biology to embark on
    study paths leading to responsible careers in Medicine, Nursing, and Life Sciences—–Hell–
    in ANY of the Sciences, for that matter??? 

    This Congressman above could use a minimum 4 year mandated Sabbatical into a real high
    school science program of today, not like the one he obviously got out of the proverbial 
    Crackerjack box!!!!  

    I just love the words of Thunderfoot……………”The Internet————–“Where religions come to die”. 

  20. I contend Paul Broun is not ignorant ind misinformed, he is a lying crook.

    It is fitting that Christians chose as their totem animal a young sheep. They are cowardly conformists, just like sheep. Every Christian notices the lies, the holes, the humbuggery of their cult, but they all pretend not to notice because they fear the disapproval of their peers. The symbol has a second meaning. Lambs and Jesus were both sacrificial animals intended to placate a sadistic god. Christians refuse to admit that the fundamental event of their religion was a human sacrifice. It is the same principle as Aztec human sacrifice on a smaller scale. Human sacrifice is a revolting primitive notion.

  21. Several people have asked me what the guy was talking about in the “embryology” part. I have heard this from my missionary neighbor before, and it seems to be a standard canard in the religious list of why the Theory of Evolution is fake. The vblogger, C0nc0rdance, just did a great video that goes into the issue, I recommend it:

  22. quarecuss
    I’m not confusing anything.  Dr Francis Collins is the epitome of medical doctor- investigative scientist and there are many like him. They are the confused ones it would seem, judging by their religious pronouncements.


    The rare examples with a scientific research record, compartmentalise their thinking with a theist over-ride blanking out the science when it challenges their god-view.  Such people are given high-publicity  star treatment by creationists, BECAUSE they are prepared to prostitute their scientific reputations for their god.  (As are AGW deniers with some sort of science qualifications giving the “authority of qualifications” to nonsense fed to the gullible.) 
    Many of the more highly qualified of them, are extremely compartmentalised, with most of their time occupied in narrow specialisms, where they are totally isolated from other sciences:-  with their support staff and equipment providing the real science.
    (Like the god-bothering astronaut-jockeys on the Moon, – put there by teams of real scientists, – not gods.)

    Medical Doctors are well educated in Science because science is the basis of medicine.

    Nope!  While I am a biologist, not a medic, one of the jobs I have done in the past is proof-reading medical university examination papers.

    There is a whole load of rote learning and descriptive stuff in them, which has nothing to do with the scientific method.
    These are what I described as “technician procedures”. 

    It is possible to scape through on descriptions and medical procedures, having missed the point of much of the science.

  23. Quite right.
    It is apparent that the prevalence of the  Christian brand of woo fairy drooling is fading in no uncertain terms.
    It has basically failed in its oft boasted mission, big-time.

    This is a main reason for the religious attempts to inject their insane interpretations of morality, which are funnily enough a mirror reflecting their own fears and ignorance, bigotries and hatreds, and selling the crud as a supernatural fluffy pink and scary fairy story, into schools and the younger the kids the better from their point of view.
    But it is failing, and it is in a steep decline that has accelerated to meteoric speed directly as a result of the internet.

    Islam has a different  problem, internet access is possible but not on the scale of the western world and certainly not for every kid in his bedroom or every school for that matter.
    But reality is trickling into their world, ideas, technologies, politics, discourse, knowledge, the head honchos realise that import is not easy to control but respond by draconian measures like the Saudi sin squad that patrol looking for transgressions specifically to suppress and to insure in no small way to remind the populace that if not Allah then the authorities are watching their every move, thus having managed to form a society based wholly and completely on fear of apostasy, and are not free as the western folk. that will cause some pause for thought eventually no doubt.
    The diminishing force of Christianity has been noted and the comparatively happier society will not go away from their minds.
    It is not a Islamic suppression programme  of a viable longevity.
    But having said that the Arab spring was a revolt against brutal regimes not religion, religion for its part has taken full advantage of the chaos and manoeuvred into the control zone, how long that can be sustained is not clear, given that affluence is not a trait of most Muslim territories, except for a chosen few, it would seem trading one set of totalitarian gobshites for another set of totalitarian gobshites might eventually dawn on the populace as a bad move and might need re-evaluating…in time!

  24. Is he???  Or ‘IS HE’????

    Maybe this guy watches too much Colbert – he’s in character, no?  He’s decided to abandon the Republican party and make them all look like real asses by taking an extreme stance? 

    Or MAYBE… he’s been given orders by the leaders of the ‘New World Order’ to show Americans who still don’t get it, that THIS is what they look like, thus using reverse psychology to sway the far right. 

    Or maybe he has psychological problems or drug problems. 

    Either way, let’s not be too hard on him.  He’s doing the Democrats a favour.

  25. It’s not at all clear how from this history or these committee rules how appointments are made, but I suspect it’s done on the basis of political favours: vote the way the party whip wants, and you’ll get a position, which will help you with your sponsors/lobbyists. I guess they let opposition members on the committee on the basis that when they’re in the minority the opposition will do the same (or not if they don’t).

    A summary of what it does is here. Interesting, but it still doesn’t describe how the members are appointed, again suggesting (to me, at least) it’s based on back-room horse trading. To some extent it’ll be based on who’s interested, for instance who has spending in their district they wish to defend. Stuff like this which constituents care about, even if they don’t (apparently) actually care about science overall.

  26. valhalla——–Beautifully put and analyzed. 

    I strongly believe that the abilities of religiocultural groups,such as The Muslim Brotherhood,
     to organize and rule in places like Egypt simply must continue to evolve and “dumb down” 
    as more and more of its general populace are exposed to the daily, continuous electronic onslaught 
    of the modern world. 

    Their rule either gets more benign, tolerant, and inclusive over time, or they ultimately contend
    once again down the road with more of the bloodshed of popular discontent. 

  27. How in the hell does an ignorant cretin like him get to serve on The House Science Committee?  An anti-evolutionist on a science committee what’s next a pedo on the school board.  I’m sorry my American friends, this must be very embarrassing for you having him represent you.  Hell, it’s embarrassing for me to be of the same species as him.   

    I have to ask, after all this time what has religion really done for human kind besides making us suffer and hold us back.  Sure it does some good works but the bad and ugly far outweighs the good.  Religion doesn’t cure diseases, bring people together (like it claims), designs and builds the technology of the future or any such progressive ideals.  This is done by people, educated people with a vision of something better.  Where would we be if idiots like this guy and his posse still ran the show with an iron fist?

    The dark ages I guess…..Witch! she’s a witch burn her or in my case he’s something equally irrational.

  28.  Yes indeed, and seeing as the terminally ignorant and scared religious authority do not compromise then bloodshed is the inevitable direction.
    They get rather perky eared do religious  authority on power, and their constant innate paranoia that their delusion is being side lined inevitably leads to a religious intolerance that becomes ever more draconian and less palatable to the West, and ultimately the victims,  and as time goes on the tensions arise.

    The Afghan girl that was shot for agitating for girls to have an education is a case in point, and ultimately it will act as  just another nail in the Islamic coffin.
    An Imam lying to police and attempting to get a young vulnerable girl burnt for a supposed blasphemy that he actually committed is another seminal moment in the revelation of what radical Islamic dogma is capable of they won no converts there I think!
    Religion being religion can be a rather shocking example of how the disconnect is deadly.

    Because the more they behave like the utter pillocks they are, the less influence they will have throughout the rest of the world.
    The respect and plaudits they all crave will dissipate like the morning mist.
    They will not convince anyone of their cause or their religion by such acts in fact just the opposite they reveal the true face of the insanity that is religion.


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