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We asked our readers to nominate their Person of the Year for 2012, in response to ideas from our editors and staff. From scientific and Olympic heroes to the tongue-in-cheek suggestion Psy, the composer of Gangnam Style, the suggestions came flooding in. Here are the six most popular choices, with reasons given by our commenters. You can vote for your favourite below and the favourite will become the Guardian’s Person of the Year 2012.

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  1. Easy choice for me, but I am surprised that Bradley Manning is leading by such a large margin.

    No comparison between him and the brave young lady that will be my person of the year regardless of the vote outcome.

    It’s an internet poll, I wouldn’t be surprised if shenanigans were afoot. 

    Manning won apparently (70% with Malala 20%).   I guess the hacker community are even better at organising themselves online than atheists.  Or they are better at shenanigans!

  3. Yes, the result stinks; Manning did commit a criminal offence by contravening the US version of the Official Secrets Act. No mention of Julian Assange who put his a** on the line even more than Manning. 
    Malala is without doubt as brave and principled as other person alive, IMO and should be a clear winner. 

    Poll closed before I saw this notification!

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