Alber Saber: Brotherhood will drive the people to secularism


Alber Saber was arrested in August 2012 on charges of contempt of religion. Saber’s mother called the police asking for protection as a mob surrounded the house. An outspoken blogger who posted many videos critical of religion, Saber was sentenced to three years in prison in December and appealed the decision. He was released for the first time in four months and left Egypt on 26 January, the day of his appeal session.

Why did you decide to leave the country?

I did not want to leave. If it were up to me I would stay and defend myself even if I were to be executed, but many people were suffering because of me and had already suffered enough.

There was nothing I could do but listen to those around me who have suffered because of me and my cause. People congratulate me on leaving. How can I be happy away from my family, friends and loved ones?

The people who should be congratulated are the ones in power. The Egyptian government is now safe from the shameful position they took.

They are safe from the criticism that initially forced them to let me go. They are safe from the possibility of me actually gaining my rights and the rights of many others.

Congratulations should be offered to those ruling Egypt with backward laws that violate the most basic of human rights.

What was your security situation when you got out of prison? Did you go back to your old house or did you have to relocate?

When I was released I left from the security directorate instead of the police station because I had been attacked earlier when I was at the station.

A high rank at the directorate, I don’t know his name, told me not to go back to my neighbourhoodbecause they would be unable to protect me. He was not threatening me.

Written By: Ahmed Aboul Enein
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  1. In reply to #2 by crookedshoes:

    Here, here….

    In reply to #1 by This Is Not A Meme:

    Hero. Total hero. I admire his willingness to die for freedom, but would rather see him become an old man. I think he’d be good at that.

    Isn’t it “Hear hear”

  2. Whether it’s ‘here here’ or ‘hear hear’ is neither here nor there. What is astonishing is the bravery of some people who really put me shame when I haven’t even got the bottle to talk to the neighbour about that damn hedge. Full respect to a true modern day hero.

    In reply to #3 by ConnedCatholic:

    In reply to #2 by crookedshoes:Here, here….In reply to #1 by This Is Not A Meme:Hero. Total hero. I admire his willingness to die for freedom, but would rather see him become an old man. I think he’d be good at that.Isn’t it “Hear hear”

  3. Far better to be alive with a tongue a computer and an opinion then not!
    And the way the Egyptian government has been hijacked by Islamic fundamentalists, it would have likely been ‘not’ eventually cos the last thing they want is a critic, like all religions they get uncomfortable with their dogma goes on trial by internet as such, this is the last thing they wanted!
    It is a victory of sorts…but he is a brave man I hope his family and loved ones will be safe.

  4. One can only hope he’ll be safe. I have huge admiration for the secularists in the Arab Spring countires for battling against their road to freedom being hijacked by the Islamists. There is such courage on display and really, they do seem to be going it alone for the most part.

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