East Shore church to pay $10K fine for fake ‘terrorist raid’


An East Shore church will pay a $10,000 fine, and its youth pastor will do community service for staging a fake “terrorist raid” during a youth group program.
Dauphin County authorities charged Glad Tidings Assembly of God of Lower Swatara Township and youth pastor Andrew Jordan with simple assault and false imprisonment after a grand jury probe.

The mother of a 14-year-old girl who was “kidnapped” and frightened during the March raid triggered the criminal case by calling police.

First Assistant District Attorney Fran Chardo said this morning that the charges were resolved with a plea deal. He said the church and Jordan entered no contest pleas before Judge Andrew H. Dowling.

Victims were consulted before the agreement was finalized, Chardo said.

“It was an appropriate punishment for what they did. And I’m confident they aren’t going to do it again,” he said.

“They’re not bad people,” Chardo added. “What they did wasn’t malicious. It was just foolhardy.”

During the mock raid, four men — one armed with an unloaded gun — rushed into a youth group meeting, put pillowcases over the heads of the kids and forced them into a van. One teen was injured.

Written By: Matt Miller
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  1. “They’re not bad people,” Chardo added. “What they did wasn’t malicious. It was just foolhardy.”

    Why the philosophising over good or bad? It is hardly an issue of how bad or how good. Is not so good the same as not really bad? Whence cometh evil? So missionaries put themselves in situations because they believe things without evidence. Just like people who stage mock terrorist attacks. They are nutters, they make bad decisions.

  2. why not expose these kids to the horror of christian persecution as it exists in their own country? stage an event where the children are suddenly faced with someone else’s business while asked politely to keep their noses out?

    too traumatic? yeah fair enough, use good old violence eh?

  3. In reply to #4 by zengardener:

    What was the point? To frighten them out of doing missionary work?

    Maybe they should have a security contractor give a workshop instead of just scaring them.

    Religion works on fear, they have nothing else.

  4. I took a US Gov’t anti-terrorism training course. Some of it was really cool – high-speed driving, for example. We were told at the beginning of the four-day course that we would experience a simulated terrorist attack in order, perhaps, to be prepared for what might happen on an overseas assignment. Forewarned is forearmed, no problem, right? Wrong. When it came, out of the blue when we were relaxed after lunch, it was quite terrifying. Pulled out of a van, bags on our heads, shouting, confusion, gun shots the “attackers” were very rough and as realistic as possible. These kids must have been really frightened. The pastor and his friends should have gone to jail. They are bad people.

  5. “…I’m confident they’re not going to do it again”.

    Obviously they harbour latent maniacal tendencies.

    Glad Tidings my a$$, look at that creepy basement. Kick the mf’s out, make this GLAAD Church.

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