Russia moves to enact anti-gay law nationwide


Kissing his boyfriend during a protest in front of Russia’s parliament
earned Pavel Samburov 30 hours of detention and the equivalent of a $16
fine on a charge of “hooliganism.” But if this bill becomes law, such a public kiss could be
defined as illegal “homosexual propaganda” and bring a fine of up to
The legislation being pushed by the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church would make it illegal nationwide to provide minors with information that is defined as “propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexuality and transgenderism.” It includes a ban on holding public events that promote gay rights. St. Petersburg and a number of other Russian cities already have similar laws on their books.

The bill is part of an effort to promote traditional Russian values as opposed to Western liberalism, which the Kremlin and church see as corrupting Russian youth and by extension contributing to a wave of protest against President Vladimir Putin’s rule.

Samburov describes the anti-gay bill as part of a Kremlin crackdown on minorities of any kind — political and religious as well as sexual — designed to divert public attention from growing discontent with Putin’s rule.

The lanky and longhaired Samburov is the founder of the Rainbow Association, which unites gay activists throughout Russia. The gay rights group has joined anti-Putin marches in Moscow over the past year, its rainbow flag waving along with those of other opposition groups.

Other laws that the Kremlin says are intended to protect young Russians have been hastily adopted in recent months, including some that allow banning and blocking web content and print publications that are deemed “extremist” or unfit for young audiences.

Written By: Mansur Mirovalev
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  1. We know that the emphasis on homosexuality is being forced on Russian society so as to keep public attention elsewhere, and to pander to the Orthodox Putin supporters but do they really think that people will fall for believing that homosexuality is a product of “Western liberalism’ and needs to be kept at bay so as not to ‘corrupt the young’? I thought they taught biology in Russian schools, if not, then they should certainly introduce it right away!

    It is so Russian, so corrupt of the government (looking for an easy buck?) to propose imposing hefty fines for up to thousands of dollars (or exile to Siberia) for nothing more than being normal! Some years ago the poverty was so severe among the working class (while the oil barons were getting rich) that people were paid wages in jars of gherkins – why don’t they require similar payments of fines now, especially that the offences are imaginary?

    If this news was not deadly serious, it would be hilarious.

  2. In reply to #1 by This Is Not A Meme:

    Then tell Putin to keep his shirt on! Damn near turned me queer.

    mmmmm… Putin… nomnomnomnom

    Ah, so THAT’s why they call him ‘Vlad the Impaler’……..

  3. Go ahead and ban the “propaganda”. Once it’s banned and gay people still keep finding their way out of closets, then maybe there will be a realisation that homosexuality is not a choice to be influenced by propaganda but a natural state of being (same goes for transgender people etc.). Of course, I know there will be no realisation of any kind.

  4. “Kissing his boyfriend during a protest in front of Russia’s parliament earned Pavel Samburov 30 hours of detention and the equivalent of a $16 fine on a charge of “hooliganism.”

    It’s like they pulled that policy right out of third grade. Who the hell comes up with this nonsense? I don’t know if Russia is just inherently anti-minority or just wants the title of most boring place on earth. Yeah, keep banning everything and you’ll get there eventually.

  5. If this keeps up, they will soon be back to banning jeans and Beatles music. The only difference is this time, they’re going to have to put up a wall to keep certain people out instead of in.

  6. Why is it always the religious making normal and happy people into criminals? People ask me what I have against religion, well, this… this is what I bloody have against religion. I fucking hate religion.

  7. An executive with a government-run television network said in a nationally televised talk show that gays should be prohibited from donating blood, sperm and organs for transplants, while after death their hearts should be burned or buried.

    Oh, you see what he’s done here: he’s mixed up gay people and vampires. Just because gays and Nosferatuses tend to dress a bit more stylishly than the typical Russian, Mr television network executive, that don’t make ’em the same thing.


    Seriously, man, why not add that their heads should be cut off and the rest of the body buried in consecrated ground? Thank goodness this attitude doesn’t exist in the rest of the civilised world and is confined to Russia and other backward countries.

  8. I wonder what would happen, hypothetically, if all Russians, including Putin’s closest allies, started acting like he doesn’t exist…I bet it’s his biggest fear..Wouldn’t it be a great way to oust dictators from powerful positions?!…They need to do this to Pope as well!

  9. Why is everyone suprised by this. Allegedly a Soviet official was once asked what does Russia do with its Homosexuals to which he replied “The USSR doesn’t have any homosexuals”. I believe communist east Germany kept the same anti gay laws used by the Nazis and student hero Che Guevara led an anti gay pogrom in Cuba in the early sixties. I’ve noticed how the hard left ( UAF, SWP etc ) have now unceremoniously dumped gay rights as its cause and embraced radical Islam. Radical Islam is of course well known for defending gay people!!!!!!

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