Sir David answers your questions on wildlife and pets


Video at the link below.
Sir David Attenborough has been answering your questions about the natural world.

The TV presenter revealed his thoughts on the most disappointing animal he had worked with.

He also did his best to answer some more random questions about chickens and other creatures and revealed details about his previous pets, including hummingbirds and a monkey called Sammy.

Sir David, now 86, has worked on wildlife programmes on the BBC since the 1950s.

Written By: BBC Radio 1
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  1. That photo is the cover of his delightful radio series Life Stories.

    Even today I smile remembering his description of the only time sloths “rush”, that is when making tracks to a dung heap to find a mate :p

  2. Even though he’s nearly twice my age and the closest I’ve ever been to him was when we passed in opposite directions through the same door at Richmond train station, I feel like he’s a friend. I can’t imagine a world without David Attenborough.

  3. In reply to #5 by bluebird:

    Eden is not BBC, it’s a UKTV channel. UKTV is a commercial organisation that runs various Freeview and Sky/Virgin-only channels, such as Dave, which re-run (mostly) BBC content. (*) Eden is one of their Sky/Virgin only channels.

    (*) Essentially, it’s the product of stealthy privatisation of BBC repeats which I think happened under Thatcher, though I wouldn’t be surprised if under Blair the situation was exacerbated. It’s morally hazy: is the license fee reduced, subsidised by commercial interests (which is what happens to BBC content abroad, incidentally) or unaffected, with the benefits going principally to the owners of the company? Does the requirement to satisfy commercial interests to allow sale of viewer attention to those commercial interests (i.e. advertisers) affect the behaviour, editorial choices and independence of the BBC?

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