Deadly Bangladesh clashes over ‘atheist bloggers’


Bangladesh police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on Friday in fierce clashes with Islamists demanding the execution of bloggers they accused of blasphemy, killing one person and injuring around 100.
Parts of central Dhaka turned into a battlefield as protesters attacked police with bricks and sticks in front of the national mosque.

The security forces responded with hundreds of rounds of rubber bullets and tear gas shells, according to witnesses.
The country’s 12 Islamic parties called the protests after the weekly prayers in nearly half a million mosques nationwide, demanding the execution of bloggers they say were behind blasphemous writings against Islam and Prophet Mohammed.

One person was killed during the clashes in western district of Jhenidah, district police chief Altaf Hossain told AFP, adding that hundreds of protesters also clashed with ruling party activists.

“The person, most probably a supporter of an Islamic party, died on the way to hospital,” he said.

Fierce clashes also occurred in the port city of Chittagong, the northern city of Bogra and dozens of other cities and towns where police fired rubber bullets at thousands of protesters, leaving scores injured, police and local media said.
Written By: AFP
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  1. Why is it that we see reactions to criticism like this one come only from the Muslims, and Muslims spread around the globe rather than only those from a specific country or society or economic status, and yet people are still unwilling to admit that the religion plays ANY part in influencing such a reaction.

  2. islam and all it’s hysterical tribe of primitive, uneducated, bigmouth bigots have a major lesson coming their way. Modern communication technology in the hands of ordinary reasonable people globally exposes the hatred and crimes perpetrated by this most evil religion. There will be a push back and islam and its hard core bullies will be crushed by the desire of the common man to live normal lives. catholicism and all other religions with agendum for political power will follow islam into oblivion too.

  3. Let me fix that for you:
    “Bangladesh police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on Friday in fierce clashes with arseholes, who were demanding the execution of people they don’t like, killing one arsehole and injuring around 100 more. “

    To which I answer: Good on them coppers! The best way to deal with a bully is with an iron rod.

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