If we are descended from . . . how come there are still . . .


This is similar to a post that was put up on Dec 17 last year where the topic was "I'm an atheist because…"
In that we had listed a number of Twitter posts then invited people to add their own.  The comment length is also restricted here to140 characters. This helps get past the very ephemeral nature of Twitter and allows people to comment on the same topic for a bit longer.

Pictured below is a sampling of the tweets. Link to all tweets between 1-Feb and 2-Feb which includes links back to each of the authors.

Written By: Richard Dawkins
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  1. If we are all descended from dust of the ground (Genesis 2:7) how come there is still dirt? So we can be reminded that we are dirt and will end up as dirt. Now just put a little dirt on your third eye to remember this.

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