Kenya condom advert pulled after religious complaints


A TV advertisement promoting condom use in Kenya has been withdrawn
after an outcry by religious leaders, health official Peter Cherutich
has said.

Christian and Muslim clerics said the advert encouraged infidelity, rather than safe sex to curb HIV/Aids.

In the government-sponsored advert, a woman in an extra-marital affair is advised to use condoms.

Dr Cherutich told the BBC the advert had been launched because up to 30% of married couples had other partners.

Around 1.6 million people out of Kenya’s population of 41.6 million are living with HIV, according to the UN.

The Kenyan Anglican Church’s Bishop Julius Kalu said the
advert, shown on free-to-air TV stations at peak audience times, had
promoted extra-marital affairs and sex among school pupils, Kenya’s
Daily Nation newspaper reports.

“There are better ways of passing useful information to society. This one has certainly failed,” he is quoted as saying.

“It openly propagates immorality, especially when all family members are
gathered before television sets, waiting to watch news,” Bishop Kalu

Written By: BBC News
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  1. No surprises here. This is what you get with backward bigmouth bullies who know what god wants. Fundamental religious bigots cannot keep their wonderful revelations to themselves. They are not happy until everyone does what they say.

  2. Condoms encourage infidelity? By the same lack of reasoning, televisions encourage infidelity so does having women walking around unchaperoned and not covered up. The back seat of cars may also encourage infidelity.


  3. What is lurking deep in their twisted puritanical, god-bothering minds is the urge to punish people for non-conforming sex, with death in the case of HIV. The message is: If you have sex outside of marriage, you will die a slow and terrible death, with plenty of time to repent.

    • In reply to #4 by Jon Snow:

      It is murder…by religious bigotted ignorance and pompous righteousness.
      May they all rot in a hell of their own invention.

      They should be lined up and shot. Or maybe that is too humane.

  4. “It openly propagates immorality, especially when all family members are gathered before television sets, waiting to watch news,”

    I think he meant to say:

    Religion propagates ignorance and intolerance

  5. If 30% already had a partner outside their marriage before the ad, I would advise them to look elsewhere for the cause of infidelity. Perhaps the effect of sexually frustrated, restricting, control-freak clerics on peoples’ relationships and sexual health?

    • In reply to #10 by Ornicar:

      I take no sexual education lesson from a bishop who, theoretically, never ever had an orgasm.

      This is the exact belief that needs to be brought down. They have and probably plenty – maybe by themselves, maybe with one woman or a few men, maybe in a group, likely in their younger years. They will probably not admit this because it makes them look bad. Maybe someone will say in their younger years….The facade and image of holiness that they portray is all that they really have going for them. They think this virginal lie gives them credibility and respect. Instead we watch the news and see how their perverted sexuality has led a few to pedophilia while they tell young women to abstain. Even if they are not pedophiles, most have had sexual experience. Parents buy into this because it prevents their daughters from raising a child as a teen and thus prevents them from fishing into their pockets and extending their time by raising another child. Perhaps a few good, healthy relationships have been lost and will never be experience by these young women because of some antiquated lies perpetuated because of misinterpretation or poor translation of the Bible from one language to the next. I am not saying that abstaining is a bad choice; it can be a wise one. I heard that virgin means “owned by no man” and that can be a very positive choice by a woman on a mission. People should be given choices and birth control should be one of them.

      It is my understanding that virginity along with white weddings is a relatively new addition to Catholicism – since about the 1800s or Victorian times. I wonder how many priests before this time period would take lovers.

  6. In the government-sponsored advert, a woman in an extra-marital affair is advised to use condoms.

    Basically, just don’t give them the opportunity to mouth off. Immoral conduct and contraception. The Clergy’s favourite strawman.

  7. of course they complained!

    HIV/AIDS, like all historical plagues and disasters is an absolute wet dream for clerics of all types. they would hate it if even for one day stats showed any type of improvement to the country’s health, even if they could claim it was thanks to them (because then the real competition starts of which wizard isn’t lying). religion requires misery and fear to have any hope of relevence in peoples daily lives. it’s the currency clerics trade in. allowing normal people to learn there’s a chance of taking control of a real here-and-now problem that effects them personally is what gives those moral guardians that twinge of understaning of just how pointless they really are

  8. I can remember in school, a priest telling telling my class that condoms in Africa was a waste of time he went on to say” all those silly African women do with condoms is use them as hair bands”. I wonder if he was being gang raped by men all with HIV would he still think” condoms are a waste of time”

  9. Very well then, let’s have all 3 groups liaise with one another on how to put together an acceptable condom advert. If they can’t come to some agreement, maybe it’s because it has nothing to do with ‘morality’ and everything to do with these sexually repressed idiots wanting to control everyone elses sex lives and we can actually show them up for it.

  10. @OP- The Kenyan Anglican Church’s Bishop Julius Kalu said the advert, shown on free-to-air TV stations at peak audience times, had promoted extra-marital affairs and sex among school pupils, Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper reports.

    Well you can’t have people having sex before, or outside, marriage!! That’s sex without church approval!!

    (How dare these people make decisions for themselves without asking their priests? Next they’ll be saying AIDS is not a punishment from GOD! – or that priests are a paedophile waste of space who should not be poking their noses into other people’s sex lives!)

  11. What he means is “if everyone who’s up to this realises it’s common and ordinary, they won’t feel so guilty, and I won’t so easily be able to get them through the doors to pay for my patent forgiveness cure”

    Not that I think it’s a good idea. But if 30% of people are doing it, their approach is hardly working, is it? Better to deal with the real situation than cause misery through attempts to implement an imagined one.

  12. To be fair though, I can see his point. If you’re being unfaithful, and to compound it, go around yapping on about it like it was nothing, then you’ll get the venereal nasties beamed directly on to you straight from on high. Why would you try to subvert His judgement with contraceptives. It’s completely immoral.

  13. If they believe they can have sex without consequences, and they can have sex without consequences, what’s to stop them from having sex without consequences!?

    This cannot stand.

    edit: I guess really it should be something like, sex that’s none of our business, and it’s none of our business…That avoids any easy -and potentially valid- criticisms of the joke.

  14. They are objecting to the PROMOTION of condoms by a married woman who is having extra marital affairs.Given the infidelity statistics I think that that is a fair point, especially when you are dealing with a disease like AIDS. Jump onto your high horses if you must but you are dealing with a life or death situation here and “normalising” infidelity is a potentially dangerous message to broadcast nationwide.

  15. Then i guess ads could depict unmarried men using condoms with hookers? Wait, no. That would encourage prostitution….

    How about teenagers? Wait, no. That would encourage teenage sex.

    What about hip young adults that like to go clubbing? Wait, no. That would encourage godless promiscuity and sex outside of wedlock.

    I got it! Married couples should use condoms to diminish the Satanic pleasure they feel.

  16. Why do they always have to err on the side imbecility. Or maybe it’s design. Maybe we’ve taken the work of religion in Africa the wrong way. Religion don’t want to help, they want to destroy all the people they don’t like there. Africa is full of oil and gold and all other manner of riches and conquering the whole continent couldn’t happen in the wildest dreams of the most tyrannical psychopath but if you can get all those pesky people to kill themselves off… We already know that religion is always in the deepest pockets it can find, I wonder which pockets are waiting to fill up in Africa.

  17. The problem here as I see it, is not the religious groups complaining.. It’s the fact that they have been listened to! Who has the authority to pull an advert that potentially could save an uncountable no of lives world wide? And for what reason? You may upset someone. Well I’m upset that HIV is still spreading, so what ideas have the religious groups got to help? Oh yes sorry, we should take time out of our working day to meet up and kneel on the floor. Yep that should sort it!
    This decision has to be overruled, not for heavens sake but for our sake and our children’s sake here now on this planet !!

  18. When the Bish says that ” (it)..had promoted extra-marital affairs and sex among school pupils”, he should be asked to provide the figures supporting this claim. In the unlikely event that he could, he should then be asked whether that such “immorality” was a reasonable price to pay for the health dividend condom use would secure?

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