Moyers Moment (2004): Richard Dawkins on the Truth of Evolution


In this 2004 Moyers Moment from NOW with Bill Moyers, author Richard Dawkins makes the case for evolution’s truth, and assesses the argument of “intelligent design.”

“All material should be studied with an open mind and studied critically. What’s wrong is to single out evolution as any more open to doubt as anything else,” Dawkins tells Bill. “Evolution is about as certain as anything we know.”

Written By: Bill Moyers
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      This video is also included in another recent post on Moyers’s site: Four Perspectives on God, Atheism and Agnosticism

      Thanks for the links, Miranda, great site too. Didn’t know of him – Moyers, that is, so a nice addition to the bookmark bar.



  1. So there are good RD interviews out there. It’s so much nicer to see him converse calmly (and light up like a christmas tree as he starts his detective analogy) than to see him volleyed down at Australian question time things. (Imagine a Dick Cavett interview.)

  2. If the recurrent laryngeal nerve is an example of design by a supernatural entity then that entity is anything but intelligent.

    Now, a dithering, ham-fisted indecisive god, there might be something in that, but then we’d be in even deeper doo- doo than we are already.

  3. Evolution makes sense , If I didn’t know a thing about genes it would still make sense. Every single area of scientific study follow rules and make predictions. All based on completely natural phenomenon. Why should life and its development be any different. It’s a joke to say otherwise.

  4. apologies for the double post above – my bad

    four minute video about grotto sculpin via MDC.

    Right now there is controversy as to if the fish should be on the endangered species list. If it is, it would create a speed bump on the easy relations between cavers and the landowners where the caves are located.

  5. I realize this interview is from 2006, however, I would think that there is now plenty of evidence of evolution that can be seen in real-time; some has been described in Dawkins own writings. Also, today, the “tree” of evolution is seen to be more of a web or bush than a strict tree when one takes into consideration how single celled life shares DNA. I believe Richard would agree.

    A tree certainly makes sense when describing multi-cellular life – say post Cambrian. However, some theorize that genes have other ways of slipping into an organism besides for the strict 2-parent model. I think the case isn’t yet complete. Lynn Margulis had theorized that some DNA that animals carry might have come from splicing operations performed by viruses; however, I don’t know of any evidence for this.

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