Pope Contender Turkson Says No Priest Sex Abuse In Africa Because Of Anti-Gay Laws


The Cardinal heralded as the man who could be the first black Pope has
said sex abuse could not happen in Africa, on the same scale as Europe,
because of tough anti-homosexuality laws.

Ghana’s Cardinal Peter Turkson caused outrage among former victims of sexual abuse by priests for linking progressive attitudes to homosexuality and child abuse.

Survivors of abuse by priests say they “fear for the safety of kids in Turkson’s diocese if he denies there are predatory priests there.”

Cardinal Turkson is currently the second favourite to be the next pontiff, and had been championed by progressives who have urged the Vatican to elect the first African pope.

Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan is currently favourite to succeed Benedict XVI.

In an interview with CNN, when asked about whether it was possible the Catholic sex abuse scandal could happen in Africa, the cardinal said it would not happen, “to the same extent or proportion as we have seen in Europe”

He continued: “African traditional systems kind of protect or have protected its population against this tendency.

“Because in several communities, in several cultures in Africa homosexuality or for that matter any affair between two sexes of the same kind, are not countenanced in our society.

“So that cultural taboo, that tradition has been there. It has served to keep it out.”

Written By: Jessica Elgot
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  1. That sounds like traditional catholic logic.

    On the one hand, they withhold basic human rights from perfectly decent people and on the other, they protect predatory abusers.

    They are above evidence because they are the cc. They just get to make shit up.

    They must be stopped

  2. One of the advantages of homosexuality being a serious criminal offence is that the abused are less likely to accuse the abusers. It’s like accusing someone of rape under Islam and being stoned for adultery.

    Meanwhile Africa does seem to have some other problems like priests raping nuns. But at least they aren’t gay.


  3. The RCC seems to genuinely think it can blame the rape of children on homosexuality, even though the latter is about who you fancy, not who you rape if there are no other sexual options. Even masturbation is forbidden. What’s more, there is no way all those rapists are gay; gays aren’t statistically common enough. Now, I suppose they could disproportionately flock to the Priesthood, but that would mean gays disproportionately flocked to somewhere that says they’ll burn in a lake of fire. I’m really not buying this.

  4. Their argument can be summarised as follows: homosexuality is a “gateway sexuality”.

    Where does this leave priests who rape female children? Actually, I don’t want an answer to that question. I want these people to lose any and all influence they have over the world and, as required by applicable laws, to go to prison.

    To paraphrase dear Christopher Hitchens:
    Screw them. And, might I add, screw them for a change!

  5. Much as I hate the vile nonsense spewed out by this deluded individual, I find myself, sort of wanting him to become pope. Surely if the catholic masses realise just how hideous the core beliefs of thier religion are, it just might be possible that it would be the beginning of the end?…. but then again, probably wishful thinking, after all, mass child rape doesn’t seem to have affected much :(

    • The trouble is that most catholics already know just how revolting their core beliefs are, they just like to put them to the back of their minds and forget them.
      In reply to #6 by paulifa1:

      Much as I hate the vile nonsense spewed out by this deluded individual, I find myself, sort of wanting him to become pope. Surely if the catholic masses realise just how hideous the core beliefs of thier religion are, it just might be possible that it would be the beginning of the end?…. but then again, probably wishful thinking, after all, mass child rape doesn’t seem to have affected much :(

    • In reply to #6 by paulifa1:

      Surely if the catholic masses realise just how hideous the core beliefs of thier religion are, it just might be possible that it would be the beginning of the end?

      That is a risky gambit. We have the same thing come up in elections. Vote in the primary of the opposing party and vote for the most insane unelectable candidate. Then easily beat him with a moderate in the general. It is a severe weakness of the “first past the post” system.

  6. While news of pedophilia among RCC were being reported worldwide, Portuguese priests used to deny that sex abuse of children by priests took place in here (I naively believed), but recently a woman that represents an institution where pedophilia occurred just said “look, I am quite tired – from defending children in courts- but only in Lisbon dioceses I know five cases”.

    It really sounds that the same “reasoning” among clergy, whether African or not have the same ground: defending their ass, by defending a rot institution and denigrating people as criminals because they are homosexual (a fallacy of their prejudice and lower morality).

    (About the usual easy excuse to associate pedophilia with homosexuality, some commenter that exposed a similar idea in a newspaper has been prosecuted by a gay association and the judge convicted him and his comments as really denigrating of gay people).

  7. For all those arseholes who insist that an african pope would be a great first, this is the reality namely a religon that is stuck in the 18th century would be dragged back to the 11th century.

  8. The eschatologists will be getting worked up over this. They’ll be cumming in their pants over this one. In the so called “Prophecy of the Popes”, the last pope will be called “Peter” . And after that the tribulation, the Return, Satan bound, the Rapture.!!! Yes folks, the proverbial will hit the fan.

    Real soon now!!!!

    Sad thing is there are people who are right into this sort of thing.


  9. I am glad that things are changing concerning prejudice against homosexuality, as I work with a fervent judge woman (that follows Ratzinger as a fervent catholic she is, she even managed to prepare him herself an orange juice when he visited Portugal in his papacy) and I was near her when the same gender sex was legalized and she received some anti prejudice adds from her colleagues, she just ripped it in front of me showing to be very outraged. In those times, shen even made herself a public petition to get signatures against gay marriage, and asked people in working place to sign it, as I felt, curious because she didn´t even thought of inviting me to sign it, for what I was curious about and asked my colleagues why didn´t anyone asked me to sign it? and the curious answer was we all knew that you wouldn´t sign it, so didn´t even ask. Once a boy confessed her he had homosexual tendencies, after that she just said to a social worker, see what you can do to about that, and the social worker, no matter in front of a judge, almost told her don´t even think I would do that.

    Are things really changing ?

  10. Don’t expect any surprises from the conclave of 115 men dressed in long robes. The 2000 year tradition of the roman catholic superstition will be upheld at all cost and the only way to do that is to elect Pedophilius Protectivus Maximus CCLVI as successor to Pedophilius Protectivus Maximus CCLV (aka Benedictus XVI aka Benny Hex). The war on women, homosexuals, reproductive rights, abortion, condoms, same sex marriage, stem cell research, … must continue uninterrupted and the church must stand up for the rights of the pedophile priests which are constantly violated by their rape victims.

  11. This is wonderful news!! I hope he gets the job. Nothing like a self destructing head up his arse poope who can’t think straight to drag the whole mess further into the sess pit of catholicism.

    It won’t affect the perenially afflicted cathlics who manage to deny the evil empire but it will certainly raise a question mark in most peoples minds. Give or take a widdecombe or a blair.

    When you have a society that criminalises homosexuality and punishes victims you’ll get fewer reports especially if you have the distractions of nun raping, killing witches and sacrificing albinos and children.

  12. Personally, I hope the next poop will be an ultra conservative with an IQ of a 10 watt light build stuck in his old ways and showing the remaining die hards of the RCC just what a screwed up institution they support. Given enough rope by wallowing in tradition the new guy will hang himself quickly.

    My biggest fear is that some relatively young moderate becomes poop- someone who will do enough to continue to perpetuate the evil empire that is the RCC. jcw

  13. Oy vey.

    I think a big cause of the Priest-abuse scandal is that closeted, self-loathing Catholic gay men chose the Priesthood, as a convenient way to avoid issues related to why they weren’t dating, or weren’t married. Their sexuality, moreover, was often frozen at an adolescent level–they decided to join the Priesthood when they were 12, or 13, or 14, and so their sexuality became fixated on that age-range.

    Now that there are much healthier options available to Catholic gay men in Western nations, they aren’t so likely to be drawn to the Priesthood, and their sexuality is less likely to be warped into a fixation on pubescent boys.

    I predict there won’t be nearly as many Priest-abuse scandals in a few decades in Western nations, because gay Catholic men in the West won’t be as likely to see the Priesthood as their best option in life. They’ll have healthier options available, and they’ll be able to express their sexuality openly, healthily–with other adult men. Yes, some pedophiles will still be in the Priesthood, but it won’t be as pervasive.

  14. I guess the word “progressive” must have a different meaning in RC circles? Logically I suppose you can progress towards bigotry (or towards anything) but “progress” is usually represented as a positive thing from which I conclude that the RC’s are of the view that more homophobia is a good thing. The one positive thing I find about the RCs is that they make me feel so bloody superior as a human being.

  15. Yeah, that’s it.

    I think there are laws against pedophila in just about every country this has happened in.

    Typical “head up ass” response. Ooops, I think that’s illegal, too isn’t it??

  16. “Because in several communities, in several cultures in Africa homosexuality or for that matter any affair between two sexes of the same kind, are not countenanced in our society”

    The good news is they can still burn folks alive for being witches, that is er!…countenanced!

    Not much changes in the medieval mind that is catholic!

    The thing is the Vatican hates homosexuality so much this muppet must feel like their prayers have been answered…as for the rest of humanity. if ‘Braniac’ gets elected, then their nightmare has just begun!

  17. **Friends Romans countrymen, lend me your ears
    I come not to praise Joe, but to bury him.

    The evil that men do lives after them. **

    No doubt all the cardinals are ‘honourable men” ?

    Apologies to the Bard.

  18. Surely this would be a good way for the Church to get African converts. I fear having an African pope would have widespread negative consequences. Mixing Catholicism with African religions creates a strange brew of irrationality. Generally, people have “leftovers” of their previous beliefs long after the convertion. I recall watching a young child tormented because he was accused of being a witch. The tormenters were Christians with clear African religious roots.

    I would also expect many racially prejudiced western Catholics would finally leave –to go to another religion like Lutheran or Methodist.

  19. An outspokenly homophobic, possibly witch-hunt supporting Pope in the Vatican – Interesting. It may play well in educationally starved areas of the third world but surely the ridicule it would invite from the developed world would plunge it into a deeper crisis than even a blind misogynistic european managed.

    • In reply to #28 by Philoctetes:

      An outspokenly homophobic, possibly witch-hunt supporting Pope in the Vatican – Interesting. It may play well in educationally starved areas of the third world but surely the ridicule it would invite from the developed world would plunge it into a deeper crisis than even a blind misogynistic european managed.

      Very true but it is possible that the RCC has actually decided that cowardice and ignorance are the better part of valour.

      They are in a transition, they have blown it in the Western world and know it, now they want to dominate the third world…start again the last time they did it their empire lasted 2000 yrs,
      They had complete and unequivocal control over the populace in that time…they like it!
      They do not like losing it, they want it again!
      Their victims once again are of an education they can manipulate, they are looking for dominance again, this pope might provide it!

  20. It’s good to know we won’t have to gear up to fight a smarter leader in the RCC. Whoever gets the job is certain to reign over it’s death throes I think. The last pope is taking every pain to remain on sovereign Vatican soil from what I can see, pity those diplomatic immunity treaties we have with the Vatican.

  21. If a priest molests a boy, that it is gay does not enter the moral equation. This guy has no moral compass. Pedophilia is not gay or strait. It’s pedophilia. If gayness is at all relevant, it’s that the Church instilled homophobia compounds the shame and confusion a victim may feel.

    Still, a Black Pope would be pretty freakin’ sweet!

  22. It’s getting a bit hot for the cover-up brigade in Europe. – Even their own priests resist bullying to join the cover-up!


    Cardinal O’Brien complainant ‘warned’ of risk of damage to Church

    One of four men who made claims against Cardinal Keith O’Brien in the days before he resigned says he went public despite being warned he could damage the Catholic Church’s reputation.

    The ex-priest told the Observer he was disappointed by the “cold disapproval” he faced for “daring to break ranks”.

    He said he had feared the matter was in danger of being swept under the carpet.

    The former priest and three current priests from the diocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh complained to the Pope’s representative to Britain, Archbishop Antonio Mennini, in early February about what they alleged had been inappropriate behaviour towards them three decades ago.

    In an interview with the Observer newspaper, the former priest accused the church of a lack of integrity in the way it responded to the allegations.

    ‘Crush me’

    He said the four complainants had been asked to sign sworn statements to Archbishop Mennini.

    But he said they had been warned that if their allegations were made public they would cause “immense further damage to the Church”.

    “For me, this is about integrity,” he told the newspaper.

    “There have been two sensations for me this week. One is feeling the hot breath of the media on the back of my neck and the other is sensing the cold disapproval of the church hierarchy for daring to break ranks. I feel like if they could crush me, they would.”

    • In reply to #33 by Alan4discussion:

      Yep de katolik Mechanism laid bare in all its glory!

      Things are not panning out for the poor dears…
      I hope that is the last we hear of the toxic bilge this vile ultra bigot spews and liberally distributes like a muck spreader on hyperdrive.

      But catholic cardinals are not known for contriteness or embarrassment in anything.
      So no doubt he will not be able to control himself or his sheer unadulterated fanatical persecution of homosexuals.

      It would seem apparent that chummy was on a self hating sell immolating jolly, the old adage

      ‘I believe he protesteth to much’ seems so very apt and is probably spot on.

      His behaviour is indicative of a Self harming borderline emotionally unstable personality disorder.

      Who would have thought it!

      No one resigns and then pretends open eyed innocence, maybe step aside to fight the claims in open court is one thing but not resign, that alone seems to be the telling action, he knows he has no defence just pompous self righteous lies in front of his sycophants.

      Sad really, but the intolerance, disrespect and hateful persecution he liberally smeared on a section of society is well beyond redemption, I have no sympathy and no regard for him whatsoever, good riddance.

    • In reply to #33 by Alan4discussion:

      (Priest @ link @33) “There have been two sensations for me this week. One is feeling the hot breath of the media on the back of my neck and the other is sensing the cold disapproval of the church hierarchy for daring to break ranks. I feel like if they could crush me, they would.”

      further to my earlier links:-

      Cardinal Keith O’Brien sorry for sexual misconduct

      Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the former leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, has admitted his sexual conduct has at times “fallen beneath the standards expected of me”.

      He apologised and asked forgiveness from those he had “offended”.

      In a statement, he also apologised to the Church and the people of Scotland.

      The cardinal resigned last Monday after three priests and a former priest had made allegations of improper behaviour against him dating back to the 80s.

      Cardinal O’Brien was Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic cleric until he stood down as the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

      Cardinal O’Brien’s confession turns spotlight on Scottish Catholic church


      O’Brien is expected to face a more detailed investigation by the Vatican after admitting to incidents of sexual misconduct throughout his career, which started in 1965.

      After a week of denials over allegations of sexual conduct and approaches by four men, the cardinal said on Sunday he was guilty of conduct that had “fallen beneath the standards expected of me”.

      In a statement that left questions unanswered about the nature of that misconduct, he added: “To those I have offended, I apologise and ask forgiveness. To the Catholic church and people of Scotland, I also apologise.”

      ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

      Those admissions are likely to supersede the original Vatican investigation, first revealed by the Observer, into formal allegations levelled against O’Brien in early February by three serving priests in his former diocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh, and a former priest.

      The latter said he left the priesthood after he was sexually propositioned by O’Brien in the 1980s. Other incidents involving O’Brien, who became archbishop in 1985 and then cardinal in 2003, included a series of “drunken fumblings” and unwanted advances, church sources said.

      His remarks are an admission that he breached ecclesiastical codes on celibacy and against homosexuality, and that his officials misled the Vatican, the Scottish church and the public in their denials following the Observer article.

      While the Vatican inquiry is expected to remain confidential, and will be set up once 116 or so of the church’s cardinals gather in Rome elect Pope Benedict XVI’s successor within the coming days, it will ask O’Brien for further details about that misconduct.

      ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

      It also exposes the cardinal and the Scottish church to claims of hypocrisy, and raises questions about whether other senior figures in the church knew about his private life and covered it up or failed to take action.

      It also emerged last week that a fifth priest had reportedly made accusations to the Vatican against O’Brien late last year, concerning an incident in 2001. In 2003, O’Brien took office as a cardinal, signing an oath about upholding the church’s teachings: until then, he had been regarded as a liberal archbishop.

      ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

      O’Brien has since become notorious among equal rights campaigners for his vigorous attacks on gay marriage and gay adoptions, calling homosexuality a “grotesque subversion” and “harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of those involved”.

      ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

      Colin MacFarlane, director of Stonewall Scotland, which named O’Brien “bigot of the year” last year, challenged the cleric and the Scottish church to explain why he had not apologised directly to the gay community.

      His earlier denials have now become untenable!

  23. Asked by CNN’s Christaine Amanpour about how the church could stay relevant in the modern world if it remained anti-homosexual and rejected women priests, he said: “We need to be true and faithful to the faith, and we need to be relevant to the society to which we preach our faith.

    “We may not sacrifice one for the other. We seek to be relevant to society and meet the needs of humankind, we also need to be mindful of what it is that a church believes.

    “Do you know where I am going? Otherwise we cease to be a church.”

    It’s almost fascinating to watch the implosion, almost like watching an animal show on discovery channel (in this case likely shark week).

    So, nevermind the backward ignorant policies the church routinely engages and codifies regarding its own subjects now we have a fight over whether something horrible (priests molesting is parish, especially children) as being seen as something African countries have wrongfully outlawed (homosexuality) which the RCC hates anyway. And everyone wanting to proudly proclaim their ignorance under the banner of keeping their faith.

    Never has both sides of an argument been so ridiculous, even in the name of religion. All this while searching for a new Pontiff Supreme. This would be the perfect time to start tearing at the immunity the church should never have received in the first place and making all of these jackals responsible for their reprehensible actions.

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult jackals in that statement. Carry on…

    • In reply to #34 by achromat666:

      Asked by CNN’s Christaine Amanpour…….

      How not to actually answer a relevant pertinent but extremely awkward question, ignore and rattle along on well worn clichés, nothing to see here, just more of the same crass bigotry.

  24. Maybe someone should point out to Turkson that many of the child abuse cases happened in European countries during the time when homosexuality was criminalized in these countries. So, what’s up with that, Turkson?

  25. Excuse me, but apart from the whole idea of linking pedophilia with being gay, isn’t this equivalent to saying that we don’t have a problem with people committing murder because we have a tough anti-murder law? Did I miss something?

  26. The RCC’s downer on homosexuality can only be understood in the context of it’s wider attitude to sex in general. That is, it is nasty but very occasionally necessary for procreation, therefore all other sex acts are gratuitous. Homosexuals as a minority provide a satisfactory scapegoat in the realisation that most heterosexuals will lapse into non-procreative sex (if only through bad luck or bad timing) and need a group to regard as morally inferior. The RCC is about nothing if it is not about the control of human behaviour. The Vatican hierarchy is full of what Robin Lane Fox described in his book “Pagans & Christians” as over-achievers on the no sex please issue. If they can keep their penis inside their cassocks then so should everybody else. The problem is that prayer and theology is not as powerful as the animal sexual urge as many an alter boy has discovered. The RCC fails to attain its impossibly high set goals and reveals the ludicrous nature of those goals in its excuses, justifications, platitudes and lies. Bad enough when they are just telling the flock how to behave, but insupportable when they themselves succumb to satan’s seduction

  27. Here’s yet another headline! The allegations just keep coming now the lid is off and victims expect some action!


    The BBC has seen evidence that bishops in the Catholic Church in Scotland knew of 20 allegations of child sex abuse by priests between 1985 and 1995.

    Another alleged victim of abuse says his life has been ruined.

    An academic who compiled a report for the church on how to deal with abuse says not enough was done.


    Now more alleged victims are coming forward after Cardinal Keith O’Brien admitted sexual misconduct after resigning as Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh following allegations by other priests.

    He does not face any criminal allegations, or any claims of child abuse.

    Lawyer Cameron Fyfe said: “I’m acting for six clients who allege abuse, two of whom have come forward just in the last few weeks since the Keith O’Brien scandal.

    “Some of them go back to the early 1980s, but two of them have been within the last 10 years.”

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