1. Many (almost all) creationists/religious persons, with whom I debated, confuse hypothesis with theory. Some of these people, who have university degree in science, do not even know what theory is.

    Another usual and annoying claim by creationists/religious individuals is that we cannot prove existence of God through evidence, because it is beyond us(??). Then, they make up all sorts of stories, based on which they claim God exists (I call this Craig style). This behaviour is very frustrating, because of its irrationality.

    I think our main focus should be younger people, who need exposure to scientific facts. I am very pleased that we have a TV channel (TVO) in Canada, which provides scientific education to younger generation. I think Bob McDonald is helping young Canadians significantly:

  2. I understand that someone is required to fight the filthy plague of creationism…..But I believe that Dr. Dawkins is all the more elegant, enlightening, exquisite and majestic when discussing the beauty of science and pondering the depths of our biological origins. I just wish that somebody would free him of the need to reiterate the absurdity of creationists over and over again. Nothing more.

    Thank You.

  3. The creationist deliberate confusion of hypothesis and theory [“Evolution is just a theory.”] can be cleared up like this.

    Scientists use the word theory similarly to the way musicians do. When musicians talk about music theory they don’t mean they are just taking a wild guess when they say that middle C is 261.626 Hz and treble C is 523.251 Hz. They mean they are talking about the universal math of music, not the practicalities of playing a particular instrument.

    When scientists talk about hunches, they do not call them theories, as you might in informal speech. They called them hypotheses. They would say, “My hypothesis why the fridge is making a strange noise is the door seal is damaged”. You would never catch them saying “My theory why the fridge is making a strange noise is the door seal is damaged”. That would be baby talk.

    Perhaps to defeat this bit of creationist verbal legerdemain, we will have to start correcting laypeople when they use the term theory when they meant hypothesis, even in informal speech.

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