Welcome Joel Guttormson to the team at RDFRS


Joel will be the Outreach and Event Coordinator for the Foundation

Joel brings a number of years of experience in the secular and LGBT commnities with him and will be responsible for the social media aspects of the Foundation in addition to communications with various secular groups and coordination of events. He has worked with JREF on previous TAM events as well as others. Joel was responsible for coordinating and scheduling much of the recent Good News Club event in Colorado Springs and Denver with Katherine Stewart and Richard Dawkins. He lives in Denver Colorado.

Listen to a recent podcast he did with the Mile High Sanity Project here


Joel can be contacted at

[email protected]
[email protected]


Please welcome Joel to our team!

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  1. Welcome. A lot is at stake for the LGBT. They definitely should be more active in defending and promoting their rights in the face of the encroaching established religions. I really like the work of Caroline Fourest in France, who seems to be a full-time warrior.

  2. You’re in good company Joel, welcome! RDFRS is developing a lovely eclectic mix of young and senior blood, m’be the Good News message hits my young nephews some day, their wild uncle is too decrepit for credibility so far as some family issues are concerned lol!

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