Perry renews Texas abortion battle with special session


A day after a filibuster and a raucous crowd in the state Capitol foiled passage of a bill that would have imposed strict new regulations on abortion in Texas, Gov. Rick Perry vowed Wednesday to try again.

Perry said the Legislature would convene July 1 in special session to take up the abortion bill, which was declared dead before dawn Wednesday. The bill failed after a night of drama in Austin during which a lone lawmaker talked for more than 10 hours in an attempt to run out the clock on a special session.

Chants of "shame! shame! shame!" from spectators who had filled the building drowned out the efforts of Republican lawmakers as they tried to pass it minutes before midnight.

"We will not allow the breakdown of decorum and decency to prevent us from doing what the people of this state hired us to do," Perry said in a statement calling lawmakers back into another special session. Texans "value life and want to protect women and the unborn," he said.

Perry's announcement came a day before he was to address the National Right to Life convention in Dallas on Thursday.

Written By: Matt Smith and Joe Sutton
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  1. Perry has no plans to protect women or give then any equality. He now wants to circumvent the rules of the legislature to get his own way when he couldn’t get it legitimately. This push has nothing to do with ‘protecting’ women but everything to do with Perry and the GOP trying to assert their egos and power. He is a pathetic man. They truly believe that more ‘God and guns’ will solve all their economic and social ills when in fact this social experiment which has been running for nearly 300 years and it has failed time and time again and the Texans have been paying the price for it. They stand for smaller government that keeps it’s nose out of people’s lives yet they are desperate to legislate to make a person’s personal life and decisions their personal concern and thing to control. The tinfoil hat wearers scream conspiracy when it comes to liberal governments planning to take over the world and control their lives – yet hypocritically support the very party that is seeking to control women’s lives down to how they treat their own bodies. Pathetic really

    • In reply to #3 by Eyerish:

      Perry has no plans to protect women or give then any equality. He now wants to circumvent the rules of the legislature to get his own way when he couldn’t get it legitimately. This push has nothing to do with ‘protecting’ women but everything to do with Perry and the GOP trying to assert their egos…

      I have no doubt that they would access an abortion for their own pregnant 15year old, should the occasion arise. They want access to be the prerogative of the rich, as it has been in the past.

  2. He’s male; please note that I do not call him a man; what right does he have to decide what a female does with her body?

    Oh! Sorry, I was forgetting, please forgive me, he’s knows the mind of God and speaks on his behalf.

    Makes a note: Must try to remember that Rick Perry has access to knowledge which requires no evidence.

  3. “‘In Texas, we value all life,’ Gov. Perry TX. Said on the eve of the state’s 500th execution.”

    You would think in that case that they would refrain from electing the brain-dead!!

  4. Given that the Christian God causes some 70% of all “natural” abortions, I have difficulty understanding this “Christian” perspective on abortion. In general, I’m also opposed to abortion, I’m and pro life, but I realise that in certain circumstances abortion is necessary and the right thing to do. No woman sets out to have an unwanted pregnancy, or an abortion.

    Of course I have no respect at all for numbskull Rick Perry. The man who prayed for rain in Texas and got record wild bushfires instead ! The man who thinks he can interfere with God’s Plan by praying for rain ! And now this Big Chief Numbskull has nothing else to do but try to appease his Christian supporters by driving abortion underground, – which is surely what will happen, should the Bill pass.

  5. Perry, religious trash that he is, just made the USA Today front page with a comment.

    ” She has not learned from her life. “

    No names mentioned, of course, but the obviousness of the Texas wackaloon’s comment is noted.

  6. If there was ever a poster child for the “should’ve been aborted” it is Rick Perry. What a complete embarassment. He doesn’t give a rat’s furry butt about women or the “unborn” children…at least after their born. They’re on their own then and they better not come around asking for handouts.

    Perry wants to punish a woman for “spreading ’em.” That’s what this is all about. I read a few comments on the yahoo site after the first article on this and that was the sentiment of a lot of people there. “Women shouldn’t be spreadin’ ’em” was a common theme in the comments.

    My opinion: if men got pregnant there’d be drive-thru abortion clinics in every neighborhood! Afterall, what would you call a man who got pregnant by accident? Whore? Slut?

    • In reply to #13 by Uriel-238:

      Next week, in defense against the bill, the crowd should show with unlit Molotovs and lighters.

      I expect Texas has a proud tradition of the bearing of arms.

      Only if you’re right-wing, then stockpiling weapons is just eccentricity– unless you kill or injure people, in which case you’re a lone nut. If you’re left-wing or a minority and gather weapons, you’re probably a dangerous subversive, drug dealer, Communist, Satanist, Anarchist or Muslim (all much the same thing). And you can be sure the police would be along in riot gear with tear gas and rubber bullets/bean bags (at the very least), given how they reacted to people sitting in tents for too long.

      In short, I don’t think that would work out too well.

      Anyway, if Second Amendment Firstists came to demonstrate, I don’t think they’d bring petrol bombs. AR-15s, sure, maybe gatling guns or bazookas, but not petrol bombs. Those are kind of dangerous.

  7. It’s good to see in the present economic climate, that Tex-ass politicians are demonstrating their visionary skills, in identifying serious priorities requiring their urgent attention!!!

    If it thinks like a donkey, walks like a donkey, votes like a donkey, and (p)brays like a donkey!! . . .. . Durrrh!

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