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The first RDFRS Newsletter will be released on July 1, 2013.

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science now as a monthly newsletter! By signing up, you're getting the inside scoop on the happenings of the Foundation. This will include events, special offers to the RDFRS store as well as other fun and exclusive content!




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    • Those fields aren’t required. Just name and email will do fine :)


      In reply to #5 by HellFireFuel:

      I don’t live in a city.

      I’m not in a state.

      I don’t have a zip code.

      Looks as if its only for Americans.
      Bit like the BBC who think everybody lives in London.

  1. The Javascript issue with the sign up form has been corrected – the form is now reached by a simple click.

    The sign-up is for everyone, everywhere in the world. The only required field is an email address to send out the Newsletter. We are updating the form to allow people to add a Country to their sign-up if desired. That just allows collection of demographic data and is optional. We will also change the title of the field “Zip Code” to “Postal Code”

  2. Cheers for the offer. Before weighing in with comment on issues in my other more localised world, I like to find out if Professor Dawkins has an opinion. I then like to believe I am a smart researcher slash thinker but suspect I’m only a lazy cheat.

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