Bill Nye: Firebrand for Science – Aims to Change the World


In recent years, Bill Nye has emerged as a fearless voice against climate change deniers. The Science Guy has gone from taking on science lessons for children to taking on pundits on cable television on climate change, evolution and science in general.

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    • In reply to #1 by Stephen of Wimbledon:

      Go Bill!

      Seriously: There are too few science-educated and science-literate pundits on TV.

      There are too few science-educated and science literate people on the planet.

  1. Bill has dropped much of the need to act like a clown, and become a more serious determined crusader. I like him more every day.

    I think his old “back to the future” Doc Brown persona just made science look silly, as if it were some foul medicine you had to be tricked into taking.

  2. bring it on!

    Don a teflon bow-tie and go get em’!

    Talking on Fox News is probably counter productive; a CNN woman anchor let him speak in full.

    News anchors should be deferential to Bill; climate change is too important to f*** around with.

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