Bangladesh bloggers charged with defaming Islam


Four Bangladeshi bloggers are facing up to seven years in jail after they were charged in court Sunday with defaming Islam, a prosecutor told AFP.

The four men, who deny the charges, were arrested earlier this year in the wake of nationwide protests in which Islamic groups demanded the execution of atheist online commentators. Judge Zahirul Haque, sitting in a court in the capital Dhaka, said the bloggers were being charged under the country’s Internet laws, senior public prosecutor Shah Alam Talukdar told AFP.

“They have been indicted… with defaming Islam and other religions through their Internet writings. They spread malice against all religions,” he said. Talukdar said if found guilty the bloggers, who are free on bail, could be sentenced to seven years in jail under the country’s ICT (Information Communication Technology) laws.

“All four have claimed to be atheists,” he added.

There has been vociferous debate between staunch atheists and fundamentalists in Bangladesh’s social media for years, but it took a deadly turn in February when an anti-Islam blogger was murdered.

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  1. No one needs to defame Islam.It’s doing a damn fine job on its own

    These creepazoids need to get their own house in order.They need to stop the violence against their own women and children.The story of the 40 year old man raping and killing his childbride ought to raise their ire.Strange how the imams are silent on Islam’s many atrocities.

    Those bloggers are brave. They are not ‘ spreading malice’.They are calling it as they see it.

    • In reply to #1 by Christiana Magdalene Moodley:

      No one needs to defame Islam.It’s doing a damn fine job on its own

      These creepazoids need to get their own house in order.They need to stop the violence against their own women and children.The story of the 40 year old man raping and killing his childbride ought to raise their ire.Strange how the i…

      Islam is screaming out for RIDICULE, as Prof Dawkins advocated (for religion in general). However, the Islamic defense of mayhem and murder is an effective deterrent. So my guess is we will continue feeding the crocodile.

  2. The fact that it takes bravery (these men are much braver than I), personal sacrifice and a huge amount of personal risk just to be critical of a religion in this day and age is saddening and maddening in equal measure. Wouldn’t it be great if the vast majority just stood up and ‘defamed’ all religions until they went away? (For some reason I’ve got an image in my mind of Michael Palin or John Cleese shouting “Come on – lets defame some sense into them!”) Maybe one day it’ll happen. In the mean time lets hope the actions of brave people like these start the ball rolling in places where it so obviously needs to be rolled. I wish them well.

  3. So Islam finally stoops to jailing atheists. After which, no doubt, will follow gypsies, homosexuals, communists and Jews.

    Is any of this starting to sound familiar?

    Islam is the Nazism of the 21st Century. And appeasement is as pointless as it is futile.

  4. Islamists excel at one thing: persecution. They persecute christians, jews, atheists, even other muslims but most of all women: their wives, mothers, daughters and sisters. All this relentless, rabid hatred, intolerance and extreme xenophobia. And then they accuse westerners of being “islamophobic” when they criticize their sinister “traditions” (forced marriages, female circumcision, punishing rape victims, stoning, whipping, condoning pedophilia, murdering apostates, etc.. etc…)

  5. ………Islamic groups demanded the execution of atheist online commentators

    I could write a relatively reasoned condemnation of the above situation and its implications, but no, it just feels better to say ‘Fuck Islam’.

    So much pain and suffering, needless pain and suffering, for the sake of self interested, brain washed fucks who selfishly want to preserve a stone age, man made, illogical, contradictory load of bollocks. Elevating the status of so called holy books like the koran and bible is akin to declaring a dog turd on a golden plinth sacrosanct.

    In Australia we have very literate, educated and intelligent defenders of Islam, such as Waleed Aly, but no matter how they endeavour to present an ‘acceptable face of Islam’, this Bangladeshi incident highlights the inately evil, very real nature of how Islam rules when it has the upper hand. No matter how eloquent or likeable the Waleed Alys are, I am afraid I am very non PC when it comes to accepting Islam in the Western World, it is a pox on humanity.

    Ironically I have just been watching Professor Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe (having been given a boxed set of ‘wonders’ by my wife!), seeing the stunning images, partcularly the context of our planet against the unimaginable vastness of the universe, I reflected on religion and how, with the scientific knowledge we have gained, it is so obviously crazy to believe there is any supreme being who could give a shit what goes down amongst a group of primates on a dust mote. Alas it seems even crazier that these microscopic primates spend an inordinate amount of their preciously limited time in often barbaric observance of self imposed rituals and beliefs that mean nothing in the vastness of space and time.

  6. “…Islamic groups demanded the execution of atheist online commentators.”

    It has been said by others, and I have adopted it, that if these imbeciles had any faith in their imaginary and supposedly omnipotent friend, they would let it do the discipline either now or in the “after” life. Inflicting their idea of divine retribution is so clearly indicative of a lack of faith it’s amazing they don’t realize it. They must see the punishment now, because they don’t trust it to be delivered any other time.


  7. Bangladesh is a poor country, and it will stay this way as long as the majority of its people, including those in positions of authority, remain in the thrall of religious superstition. People need to be free to think for themselves, explore and investigate, criticize, debate, decide courses of action on rational grounds, and so on, if their society is ever to be able to lift itself out of poverty. The four bloggers in the above article have done their country good, but they are getting no thanks for it. I wish them all the best in the circumstances.

    • In reply to #11 by Roedy:

      They do exactly the same thing I do. It is just Islam does not have the power to swat me here in Canada.

      Not yet, Roedy… but it IS making very rapid progress. Third Jihad, anyone??

  8. Islam adherents are giving their religion a far worse name than any outsider could.

    1. raping child brides
    2. forced marriages
    3. treating women as slaves
    4. splashing acid in women’s faces.
    5. mistreating gays
    6. childish intolerance.
    • In reply to #12 by Roedy:

      Islam adherents are giving their religion a far worse name than any outsider could.

      raping child brides
      forced marriages
      treating women as slaves
      splashing acid in women’s faces.
      mistreating gays
      childish intolerance.

      7) Putting down the bacon cheeseburger.

  9. You’re all missing the point, IMO.

    One can only ‘defame’ a person, not a religion … or any other ideological stance, for that matter.

    People deserve respect, by virtue of the fact that they are human beings – the ideologies they profess and the actions that are elicited by adherence to those ideologies are fair game for ridicule as much as for adulation.

    And – another difference between ideologies and people – any ideological stance that is too ‘precious’ to be subjected to criticism and analysis must be incredibly fragile and is probably best euthanized.

    • In reply to #14 by Sally:

      People deserve respect, by virtue of the fact that they are human beings –

      People deserve civility, respect has to be earned. Nor should we respect peoples views as the oft spoken mantra requires, we should respect only their right to express a view not the view itself. On the matter of views, evaluating the reasons of the view holder is what we should do.

      Any stone age halfwit would have exactly the same ‘view’ of the universe as an imam or bishop, the wisdom of the latter is no better than the ancients. What separates them is not time but the gulf of knowledge that has accumulated. The fact that this knowledge is now easily accessible and attestable whereas 5000 years ago it wasn’t makes the stupidity of religious people today all the more reprehensible.
      That they would resort to threats and violence to force their stupidity on others is what makes religions the more dangerous. As Grayling once put it, when religions are on the forefoot they come down in an impressive way. If only for that reason anyone who values freedom should be fearful and resist their rise.

  10. “Five students of an elite university have been arrested in connection with the February blogger murder, while a little known Islamic group has been blamed for masterminding the crime.”

    A.Elite? level of ignorance?

    B.Masterminding the crime…Not very masterful,
    like,they did get caught n all that…it’s not like they stole the pink fucking panther and are now basking on some beach in bleedin’ Hawaii

    C.Defaming Islam? Isn’t it famous enough that it could withstand any contrary push,lol,sorry

  11. Punishing someone for his views is embarrassing. If they do not have any good reason to defend their religion then they would like to execute those who question religion. Shame on Bangladesh. No freedom of speech and thought. They should release all these people. These people should be given opportunity to move to another country where freedom of speech and view exists. Rather then sending them to prison with no reason.

    • In reply to #19 by Billy Joe:

      WHY is the truth blindingly obvious to atheists, humanists and many other ‘ordinary’ folk, yet our leaders struggle to see it??

      Islam is like Catholocism, even more so. The women are kept barefoot and pregnant chained in the kitchen. They are a very fast-growing segment of the population. No matter what else they do, breeding commands respect from politicians.

      The notion that we should try to stop population growth raises horror. People still think it is the year 0 when infant mortality was 10 times higher and you needed every baby you could produce just to have one surviving male offspring.

      In some places we are headed in the direction of mandatory “respect” for other religions — co-operating in each other’s cons.

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