Malala Honored With Peace Prize in Netherlands


Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, who survived a Taliban assassination attempt last year, was honored Friday with the Children’s Peace Prize for her work promoting education for girls in her homeland.


The 16-year-old said she accepted the prize in the historic Knights’ Hall in The Hague “on behalf of all of the children in the world who are trying to go to school, and all of those parents who are overcoming fear and intimidation — or cultural opposition — to give their sons and daughters the chance of an education.”

Malala was 15 when she and two of her friends were attacked on their way home from school in Pakistan’s northwest Swat Valley. She survived a gunshot wound to her head and now attends school in England after being flown there for treatment.

She harked back to the attack that turned her into a household name in her emotional acceptance speech.

“In my home country of Pakistan, the Taliban uses terror to try and stop girls going to school,” she said. “I was just one target for their violence. There are many others whose names are not known. It is for them that we must continue our campaign to ensure that all children in the world have the chance to go to school.”

Written By: Mike Corder
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    • In reply to #1 by Roedy:

      She is such a fiery little orator, who speaks with such clarity and definiteness. I dread the day she is made a martyr for the cause.
      You say that like it is a certainty.

      Well done the Netherlands for being such a progressive and outward looking nation for awarding this prize and well done malala, but I wont be happy untill she has received the adult version, I mean if Obama and former terrorists get it for christ only knows what reason then isn’t it about time they gave it to a worthy recipient who hasn’t aquiesed in violence of any sort. Obviously though Richard would be unimpressed , a muslim winning a noble prize.:)

      • In reply to #3 by jjbircham:

        In reply to #1 by Roedy:

        Obviously though Richard would be unimpressed , a muslim winning a noble prize.:)

        Her religion is unimportant as regards her winning the Nobel Prize. She would be winning it for her stand against religious intolerance.

        It is only through education that we can end religious intolerance, and one day, hopefully, end religion

  1. She is the Taliban nightmare, intelligent, articulate, rebellious. Her very existence disproves the Saudi view of women as cows who are supposed to do nothing but breed and chew their cud while reading the Qur’an.

    If she stays in Western countries, the Taliban may not be willing to invest in an assassination, but if she lives in any Muslim county, she will be toast.

    Dr. Martin Luther King was fatalistic about his own coming assassination. He felt god would protect him if he were not meant to die. Malala might suffer from a similar delusion.

    The Taliban may calculate that Malala as a dead martyr could give them more grief than she can alive.

    This more than anything else the Taliban has done has made me detest them and wish they would disappear from the face of the earth.

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