Ninjas have attacked Apostacon!


We held them off as best we could, but at 12:01 this morning we were ATTACKED by ninjas who vandalized the Apostacon website (even our speakers page!), and went as far as SLASHING our ticket prices!

It will take 24 hours before the pirate reinforcements reach our ship, so until then our hands are tied (hah!) and General Admission tickets are now only $77. Get yours while you can, as soon as more pirates reach the ship we'll get those scallywags under control once and for all and tickets go back to regular pricing. 

ALL Online ticket sales end Sept 15 at 11:59pm. That's THIS Sunday night. After that, tickets may be available at the door, but without a few perks, like a lunch and childcare.

Apostacon Checklist

  • Pack swimsuit and plan costume for the Meat-Ball
  • Be ready to have a "ball" at Apostacon!

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    • In reply to #1 by Perfect Tommy:

      For a minute I thought got hacked. Then I clicked the link t Apostacon…lol. Love it. Please come to Atlanta :)

      Apostacon’s an Omaha conference (put on by the Omaha Coalition of Reason), but there are conferences all over if you’re looking for one nearer to Atlanta.

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