‘Degrading’ virginity tests on women must stop, Quebec doctors’ group urges


The Quebec college of physicians has issued a warning to doctors to stop performing virginity tests, a practice linked to bridal purity and family honour.

Gynecological exams for virginity certificates contravene the profession’s code of ethics on several grounds, including breaching patient confidentiality, said Charles Bernard, president of the Collège des Médecins, in an interview.

The practise is outrageous, repugnant, irrelevant and unacceptable, he said.

“Imagine a doctor who does a gynecological examination with the sole purpose of … it goes beyond the imagination. And it’s degrading to women,” Dr. Bernard said.

The College was responding to a study by two ethics specialists from the Université de Montréal who were called upon by a school nurse and other health professionals after five incidents of families seeking virginity checks in the last 18 months in Quebec.

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    • In reply to #1 by Billy Joe:

      And… which ‘ethnic group’ is driving this vileness?

      Just wondering

      It won’t be one ethnic group, many ethnic groups have perverse notions of ideal females some of which have ideologies with common roots. The ‘mother of god’ had to be a virgin just like all the other man made gods otherwise no one would accept his authenticity. I mean a woman with previous experience might not have had a godly visitation it might have been the milkman.

      Some men (perhaps a lot more than some) have fragile egos. The idea that a woman might be able to compare them to someone else is frightening or that they might run into the other man. That doctor’s play along with this nonsense says something about the corruptibility of doctors.

  1. Omg,it’s craziness all round. If it isn’t Jesus riding shotgun in police vehicles in Alabama,then it’s Belgian haredim objecting to a secular education and wallowing in their ignorance.And of all these crazies, the Musloons are the worst.

  2. Originally virginity was important because a husband needed to ensure his wife did not carry a sexually transmitted disease, though they wrapped this in notions of purity and shrink-wrapped property. There was no corresponding test for males. When I was a boy I heard that in the USA couples had to be tested for VD before marriage — a similar process.

  3. I remember a news article years ago saying that Diana Spenser’s father had assured the royal family of her virginity before she was allowed to marry Prince Charles…Hmm and I thought a lot of the original purpose of a virgin bride was to ensure that possessions stayed within the father’s line.

  4. Personally its with regards to asking your partner for an STD test that I am at conflict with these supposed
    ethics. What if my partner has AIDS? Its not uncommon to hear of cases where AIDS has been transferred
    at the ignorance of the other partner. So I don’t think it would be wrong of me to ask my partner to be checked and
    have the doctor share that information with me. I for one would gladly subject myself to such a test in the interest of my partner.
    However, that said I can’t see how the same argument doesn’t apply with regards to virginity.

    Here are the rights and wrongs of the issue in question.

    1. It is not wrong of you to have certain preferences for your partner and not wrong of you to desire verification.
    2. It is however wrong of you to force any such inquiries on to a partner.

    So this means, you have the right to ask your partner to get tested, whether we are talking about serious health risks like STD concerns or virgin tests (imo shallow). But thats your limit. You can’t go any further than that. If your partner is unwilling to partake in such tests, then your options are to either put up with it, or to leave the relationship.
    Likewise on part of the partner being requested to be tested. If your partner is nagging you to do tests that you don’t want to,
    then just leave the partner. But acknowledge that he’s making requests that are of importance to him/her.

  5. Religion is evil to the core. When one reads headlines like these one immediately thinks Islam and one would be right. However if you believe the rest of the religions are benign, you are deluding yourself. The atrocious behaviour of the priests from Christian to Sheikh, are well documented and have always been covered up. Where I live in Australia, 70% of the population is irreligious, on the other hand over 70% of are parliamentarians are deeply religious, our present prime minister refers to himself as a Jesuit, Kevin Rudd spoke to the nation weekly from the pews of his church. The atheist prime minister Julia Gillard had her every word ridiculed and she was sabotaged by all the religious peoples acting as one. The top policemen and judiciary are deeply religious, as are the bureaucrats. Religion rules Australia from behind a curtain. Result – atrocities of the priesthood have been swept under the carpet for decades in this country. Now with a proxy for the church as PM, what can one expect? He even intends to take territories that pass laws permitting gay marriage to court. I am against all marriage, what you do in your private life is not my concern as long as it does not impose on my well being.

  6. Oh My Dog!

    Is this for real? Doctors in Canada actually do this? They should be ashamed of themselves and the practice should be made illegal. Although I suspect that the misguided idiots who request these tests will start doing their own, or getting “backyard” ones done.

    Grow up, humans!

    • In reply to #16 by ArloNo:

      Oh My Dog!

      Is this for real? Doctors in Canada actually do this? They should be ashamed of themselves and the practice should be made illegal. Although I suspect that the misguided idiots who request these tests will start doing their own, or getting “backyard” ones done.

      Grow up, humans!

      They actually should be struck off!

  7. Actually, I think this may be an evolution related issue…………….’if I am going to devote my life to the survival of the offspring of this woman has then I need to know that the genes are mine’. Many of us have evolved beyond this point, but sadly, not all.

  8. In the interests of equality and fairness, which Canada is supposedly all for, then BOTH parties to the marriage should take lie detector tests, and then deal with the results…. Mac.

  9. How do you actually perform a virginity test? You can test to see if the hyman is broken but there are many ways in which that can happen.

    Plus aside from religion, what is the big thing with men and virginity. It isn’t just religious men, I think I lost mine to at least three different boyfriends who all seemed to be really excited by the prospect of being first before I started being honest.

    • In reply to #23 by Sally:

      Ooops, that was directed to #13

      (RD really needs an ‘edit’ function!)

      You can edit your posts for a certain amount of time by clicking on “More” at the bottom right corner. After a while though that ability expires and the only option is to delete it.

  10. Am I the only one who finds it repulsive that for these girls the first person to intimately touch them and penetrate them (with an instrument) is a stranger who is likely more than 3 times their age? In case of a male doctor, this may be the first time that they are naked in front of a man. This is more than degrading to the poor girls involved and, though the pressure is not coming from the doctor but the parents, still constitutes borderline rape? My thought on this are coming from the notion that (most of) these girls are likely virgins and raised in shame and blame of sexual intercourse and function (as in a strict religious context). The pressure under which these girls must be to repress their interest in sexuality and urges to have sex in order to remain virgin out of fear of their families judgement is unfathomable.

  11. It’s not only degrading, it’s completely inaccurate. There are many, many ways that the hymen can be broken without having sex. Some poor girl will find herself ostracised and vilified for no reason other than she liked gymnastics.

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