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Nikon just announced the winners for its 2013 Small World Photomicrography Competition. It's basically a collection of the best images of things you can only see under a light microscope. Or better yet, it's the best photographs of things you can't actually see. Here are some fantastically creepy shots that were our favorites.

Written By: Casey Chan
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      • Speaking of which, I had a minor brainstorm and took screenshots of some of these pictures and pix embedded on the website and put them all into a slideshow on power point. I titled it “Halloween Pictures” and I am going to tell my students that I took some pix on halloween.

        Anyway, i think of it as part of my mission statement to expose young minds to the wonders of he natural world. They are much better than any make believe. i am under no illusion that all kids will jump on board. But, just one. Just one! Or better yet, one at a time! Come see the world I live in and try to tell me that any other reality even comes close. The mites on the beetle are sooooooo soooooo sooooo ……HALLOWEENIE!

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        Yum yum! Some of these would be nice on toast.

        Only in Halloween Town, with tea 😉

        Yppah Neewollah!

    • UGLY???? I shudder to think of what you would call ME!!!!!!

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      Insects can be fascinating by why did God have to make them so ugly??… Oh wait!!.. I’ve got it: He didn’t.

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