Oklahoma Native Americans to allow gay marriage despite state ban


Darren Black Bear hasn't thought too much about his upcoming nuptials. Maybe khaki pants, and he doesn't mind if guests show up in Halloween costumes. The wedding will be a rare sight: he and his partner are getting legally married in Oklahoma even though the state bans same-sex marriage.

How? His bloodline.

Black Bear and his partner of nine years, Jason Pickel, plan to walk each other down the aisle Thursday, surrounded by family and friends, before signing a marriage license granted by the Cheyenne Arapaho Tribes. Black Bear, 45, is a member of the Oklahoma-based tribe, which is among the few Native American tribes in the US that allow same-sex marriage.

Like all federally recognized tribes, the Cheyenne Arapaho can approve laws for its land and members. Its code regarding marriage doesn't address gender, referring to the parties simply as "Indians", and requires that one person be a member of the tribe and reside within its jurisdiction.

Written By: Associated Press
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    • In reply to #1 by Roedy:

      I love it. There is joy in thinking about the bigots furious at being outsmarted.
      I just hope the Christians don’t decide to crash the wedding and kill everyone.

      Outmaneuvered by the people whose land got stolen, forebears butchered and culture obliterated by the forebears of those Christians makes it even saweeetah!

  1. I like the Red Indian culture. I even like there religion. It seems to be based on Nature rather then an evil God who rants and rages every time and kills in order to teach his children a lesson. Good luck to them in their marriage.

  2. Cheyenne Arapaho Tribes in Oklahoma are progressive enough…

    ‘Oklahoma’, the state song – we sang that in elementary school in Tulsa. I did not realize at the time it also meant “Okla-homophobic” – not OK :/

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