• As one of the hosts for R2R I made sure the producer read the comments. He did and we changed.
      In reply to #1 by bluebird:

      Funny, just last week a commenter suggested the show could really do with a new set.

      Kudos R to R – looks clean, inviting, relevant!

    • Sometimes we use laptops to help us with info. Memorizing every single question or to keep track can be tricky. I think the new set is able to hide the laptops a bit. We tried using tele prompters, that was a horrible mistake. We are moving towards a better system. Keep watching as we “evolve”
      Thanks for the comments!
      In reply to #2 by RDfan:

      Great work, Road to Reason team. Better delivery by the presenters; nice studio/effects; no random laptops on the table; a much better performance all round!

      Now, to watch the program…

    • In reply to #3 by DavidCatleugh:

      Most supporters (there is no official membership) of the EDL, are not racist, and do not hate all Muslims.

      What evidence do you have for that, David? Do you mean most supporters you know personally? If they don’t hate Muslims, what are they Defending England from? If they don’t hate all Muslims, how do they distinguish? If not just your acquaintances, what statements have been made about this distinction?

  1. ‘You shouldn’t attack people, just their ideas?’ Surely people take it personally when you attack their ideas, and after all what are we but a collection of ideas and choices. If a person chooses to believe stupid things is it not reasonable to assume that person is stupid.

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