Saudi women defy authorities over driving ban


Authorities in Saudi Arabia have stepped up a warning to women not to defy a ban on female drivers by taking part in a mass driving protest on Saturday.

The country's interior minister has toughened the Saudi government line on the women drivers' campaign, saying anyone breaking the law is likely to face unspecified punishment.

Badawi Al Rasheed, a Saudi academic and expert on women's rights doesn't think many women will flout the ban, because of worries of their safety.

"We have heard there are counter campaigns to actually drive the women away from the streets, either by harming them or by crashing their cars," she said.

However, a Saudi woman said she got behind the wheel Saturday and drove to the grocery store without being stopped or harassed by police.

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  1. “The country’s interior minister has toughened the Saudi government line on the women drivers’ campaign, saying anyone breaking the law is likely to face unspecified punishment.”

    Surely the punishment for driving without a licence is specified under the law.

    Or is he saying that if women break the law, then the authorities will too? Because if he is, then he is admitting that Saudi Arabia has no legal code, and is a mobocracy.

  2. “… Clerics warn that “licentiousness” will spread if women drive.”

    What a laugh! As though men had no defence against the wiles and enticements of women on the move, or (even worse!) no wish to defend themselves against such enticements. Those fearful clerics may have to flee to a monastery to protect themselves from the licentiousness so sure to be unleashed on society … if women drive.

  3. Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?
    Whatcha gonna do when girls are driving too?
    Bad boys, bad boys, gonna scream and cry.
    The girls are gone and the desert’s dry.
    Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?
    The girls are gone, but goats are pretty too.
    Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?
    Don’t fret long, there’s always little boy blue.

  4. I cheer the women on, though I have two problems with the protest.

    1. I don’t think anyone should be driving in a hijab. It could interfere with hearing or vision.
    2. If these women don’t have driving licenses, they could well not know how to drive.
    • In reply to #10 by aquilacane:

      Is this the same Saudi Arabia that turned down a UN Security Council Seat because of “double standards”? Are they ignorant or arrogant?

      They are both and with these key ingredients they ought to be happy, but no they are worried…………..if they allow women to go around unescorted all manner of evil things will happen because all the other men are as stupid dangerous and as lascivious as they are.

  5. Why?

    1. Saudi men are terrified their wives will leave them. The fear their wives will happily hook up with any man just to get out of the country. The car will help.
    2. Saudi men are suspicious of infidelity. They are afraid their wives will use cars to meet lovers.

    Hint to Saudi men:
    Most Canadian men do not worry constantly their wives will leave them or run off with other men. The secrets:

    • do not beat or shout at your wife.
    1. let your wife go where she wants to go.
    2. let your wife wear what she wants to wear.
    3. let your wife read and study what she want to.
    4. ensure your wife has some income to spend as she pleases.
    5. treat your wife as an equal.
    6. don’t keep accusing her of plotting to leave you.
  6. Brave Saudi Women…Drive, drive, drive….resist…do not submit, do not conform, do not be obedient, do not be passive…free think…in every way you can….. your future is bleak if you don’t….

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