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On September 24th, Richard Dawkins' new book, "An Appetite For Wonder: the Making of a Scientist" released worldwide. 

Four days later in Washington DC, Dawkins sat down for a one-hour conversation with Seth Andrews, host of the online community and radio show "The Thinking Atheist," to talk about a variety of subjects…including childhood, music, evolution, apologist "fleas," Christopher Hitchens and the memoir itself.

Thanks to The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science for making this interview possible. (

Written By: TheThinkingAtheist
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  1. In 1951 the philosopher Leo Strauss coined the phrase Reductio ad Hitlerum, or, Argumentum ad Hitlerum out of his annoyance at the “Hitler card” being played in debates.

    I think it knocks that tiresome chestnut clean out of the window.

  2. A great interview. Very compelling angles of view. And memorable thoughts on a number of “close to heart” topics. I found the statistics on American atheism quite exciting.
    All in all an hour well spent!

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