I am Diana Xie, a 22 year old neuroscience researcher at Duke University, and I just successfully funded a new online TV show about brain science with Kickstarter. Ask me anything. : IAmA


Edit 2: Now my mentor (JF) has made his own IAmA! Check it out:


Edit 1: Thank you everyone for your comments and questions! JF (jfgariepy) and I had a lot of fun answering them. Very amusing that entire threads were dedicated to psychoanalyzing me and studying the details of this title :) Anyways, it was great being here! Thanks to your support, we'll be producing an awesome show that will teach in-depth concepts in neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy to everyone on the Internet.

In May, I completed my studies in Biology and Pharmacology. I then joined a laboratory at Duke University that seeks to understand how human cognition works and how it is disrupted in neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism and schizophrenia. There, I met Dr. Jean-François Gariépy (JF), an ethologist who has been investigating how the brain controls behaviors for a decade. He became my mentor and showed me how to conduct scientific research.

During my training as a scientist, I discovered some of the fascinating knowledge that we already have on how the brain works – how neurons transmit signals, how neuromodulators influence those signals, how the brain makes decisions in complex situations, such as those confronted by social animals.

JF had the idea that discussions among scientists about the brain should be aired for free to everyone on the Internet. I thought this was a brilliant idea. On November 1st, we launched a $25,000 Kickstarter campaign to fund NEURO.tv, a not-for-profit online TV show motivated by these beliefs. At the time, I thought the campaign was a crazy idea, because of how ambitious the project and its Kickstarter goal were. However, we have now reached the full $25,000, and it’s been quite an adventure getting there. Our project was backed by neuroscientists and psychologists from Duke, Harvard, MIT, Oxford and many other universities. We have been exchanging with scientists, philosophers and art professors around the world who have expressed their enthusiasm about our project, and the messages of support and pledges that we have received are very moving.

Written By: Diana Xie
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      I bought a glowing plant maker kit on KickStarter earlier this year. I don’t have it yet, but they sent me a shirt after I gave them another $20 for it. Maybe you could talk about that, and how people shouldn’t buy magic beans from strangers :-)

      Haha, well we guarantee you that the show will happen every month and that you’ll have access to it on YouTube 😛

  1. This sounds like a good mechanism for getting educational projects funded that would otherwise be discarded as nonprofitable by a network or producer. Good job. Anyone have an atheistic screenplay banging around? I started one during the Bush years but kind of lost interest.

  2. Can you talk about the debate on whether the big Pharma is preventing Neuroscientists from curing neurological diseases such as Dementia and cancers and whether you buy it or not (from your experience) Also, can you talk about why it is so awesome to get a PhD in Neuroscience (what I am doing right now) and other Sciences and how fun laboratory research is?

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