American conservatives take aim at the ‘war on Christmas’


The saleswoman at the department store counter where I occasionally buy ties is Jewish; she's a lovely, tranquil woman who, I suspect, doesn't care much about the newborn king.

Still, she endures with good grace the endless loop of treacly Christmas music her store begins playing around Halloween. I bait her about it from time to time, and all she offers is a slightly weary smile.

My guess is she looks at Christmas the same way I do: Everybody's a little more cheerful at this time of year, and it's nice, and neither of us thinks of her little ties-and-gifts counter as a battleground.

From other quarters, however, Americans are being assured a religious war is underway.

Conservative mouthpieces and news outlets warn that "the right to celebrate Christmas is under attack," and that "challenges to religious freedom are taking place."

Satanists are apparently involved. (Like the ones who, according to Glenn Beck's conservative blog The Blaze, joined with atheists in the effort to remove a nativity scene from Florida's state Capitol building.)

Written By: Neil Macdonald
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    • In reply to #1 by alf1200:

      ANYTHING, Anytime anything that can irritate Bill O’reilly is just great with me….HOHOHOO

      Irritating Bill O’Reilly is the easiest thing in the world. Heck, he probably irritates himself when there’s no one else around.

  1. I was reading the local newspaper yesterday and came upon an article which cracked me up initially but then got me thinking.

    It was a picture of a little boy with a comical-nasty look on his face and a pointing finger.The caption read: Ziyanda Ngcobo refuses to sit on Santa’s lap.

    Well, I thought, there’s one child some Catholic priests should avoid. We ASK our kids to sit on a stranger’s lap, tell them to ask him for presents and oh horror! take candy from him.At the same time we exhort our kids not to speak to strangers,not to accept candy and to run like hell if a stranger tries to touch him/her.

    Not on topic, but the pic above reminded me of the article

  2. Satanists are apparently involved. (Like the ones who, according to Glenn Beck’s conservative blog The Blaze, joined with atheists in the effort to remove a nativity scene from Florida’s state Capitol building.)

    If they want their nativity scenes all over the place, there must be some people of Viking descent who would like a nice image of a proper YULE celebration – with a large supply of beer and a nice reindeer roasting over an open fire!

  3. Dammit, I shouldn’t have read this. Now I totally want a Satanist Nativity Scene in any or all public spaces. That would just rock. I mean Secular is grand and all but come on, a Satanist Nativity, Christmas play, whatever would just be awesome. They could go on Bill O’Reilly’s show and defend their religious freedom. Happy Holidays!

    • In reply to #6 by Tintern:

      Now I totally want a Satanist Nativity Scene in any or all public spaces.

      I like it. Here’s why:

      1. Much more interesting than the same old tired nativity scene. People walk by those and don’t even look at them anymore. Baby Jesus, mommy Mary, boring Joseph, bunch of wise men, blah, blah, blah… Let’s get a satanic scene and WHOA there! No more boring on the town squares :-)

      2. We would not have to take down our Halloween decorations. Since Christmas season now starts as soon as Halloween ends, just imagine the efficiency of just leaving all holiday decorations in place until say, Valentine’s day. It would be a kluge, you know, take what we have and build on that, morph it until it works. The town commons would turn into three ring circuses that would have all the super capitalists salivating like Pavlov’s dogs.

  4. Ah, I think I finally got what “War on Christmas” means.

    I didn’t think I was at war with Christmas as I enjoy spending a few days with friends and family sharing too much booze and good food, but actually I am – that’s what they really hate!

    The religits want a 24 hour religious service with no thought or action that is not praising baby Jebus.

    Me thinks they already lost – the pagan tree, log, tinsel, …, and not forgetting Corporate Inc.

    So fuck ’em.

    Merry Winter Solstice folks!

  5. Yes, of course it’s a “war” because there has to be a winner and a loser, right? Puh-lease. In my part of the world Xmas starts the day after Halloween with a depressing mix of Thanksgiving and Xmas decorations and related minutia set on display. Depressing because I know I have to endure the inanity of Xmas not for one day or one week but for nearly 8 weeks. Hanukkah by contrast is merely 8 crazy nights, ha-ha.

  6. Bill O’Reilly is mental. A Christmas tree is neither a “war memorial,” nor Christian in origin. It precedes Christianity by thousands of years, and has just been hijacked, like the Winter Solstice itself, for the purpose of commemorating the birth of a mythical “saviour.”

    However, if one was unaware of the true origin of the tree, one might easily look at all the wars that Christianity as caused and view the tree as a war memorial. Or more accurately, a “war symbol.”

  7. wanstronian @11 – Bill O’Reilly is mental.

    When the Catholic media take Bill O’Reilly out of his padded box for Xmas, he could reflect on the customs of the Xmas tree. –

    As The Xmas-tree star said to the Xmas tree fairy – “They’ve got the tree – When they take one of us out of the box – where are the cruel sods going to put it?”

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