‘Kidnapped For Christ,’ Planned Documentary, Aims To Expose ‘Ex-Gay’ Experiences In Christian Reform Schools


"Kidnapped for Christ" is a compelling new documentary that follows the experiences of several American teenagers after they were kidnapped from their homes and shipped to Evangelical Reform schools located in the Dominican Republic. Many of these teenagers' parents discover their children are either gay or experience same-sex attraction, and are sent to “therapeutic Christian boarding school[s]” in order to "transform into healthy Christian adults" in an environment outside of U.S. law.

Directed by Kate S. Logan with Lance Bass cited as an executive producer, the film is currently engaged in a Kickstarter campaign in order to be fully funded. The Huffington Post sat down with Logan this week in order to better understand the function of these reform camps, the experiences of kidnapped youth go through while there, and why this film is important.

The Huffington Post: Why did you feel this documentary was necessary?
Actually, when I originally got the idea to make the film, I had no idea that there was anything controversial about this school. I was under the impression that it was just an alternative therapy program with a cultural exchange element. It wasn't until I got permission to film and started investigating that I realized what I had gotten myself into. Once I saw what was really going on at Escuela Caribe, I felt I needed to help expose the truth of what this school was doing in the name of "therapy."

Why do you think the majority of the public knows so little about these reform institutions?
I think it's because the victims of these programs are teens and children and they are often so traumatized by their experiences that they don't speak about it for years — if at all. Also, a lot of times former students of reform schools get labeled "bad" simply because they were sent to a place for "bad" kids, so no one believes their stories. Some of the things that go on in these places are, quite frankly, so bizarre and horrible that it's hard to believe if you aren't there to see it yourself. With the Internet it's easier for teens who have been sent to these places to speak out and connect with others who've gone through the same thing, but it's still a relatively small group who are talking about it.

Written By: James Nichols
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  1. The weirdest part of that trailer is that it appears that no one even had to go “undercover” in order to get this story. They just walked into the place with cameras, and the drill sergeants running this modern day magdalene laundromat seemed to be downright proud of what they were doing. As if it were a free advertisement for their “services.” Who knows? Perhaps when shown in some rural areas of the U.S, that is exactly what this documentary will end up becoming.

  2. Little wonder that Richard Dawkins considers religious indoctrination of kids to be child abuse.

    I’m not a US citizen but surely the parents of these kids must be breaking the law?

  3. Religious nutters. A dangerous lot. Opposed to aborting fetuses that are seriously impaired, because god’s work is always ‘perfect’, but having no qualms about interfering with that perfection when it goes against what god wants. Excuse me, I’m making no sense at all….Wait a bit, it makes no sense because religion is nonsenseWhew.

    Those poor kids. With parents like these, who needs enemies?

  4. “Faith” –( belief without evidence of proof), which is abuse supported by circular fallacies and forced on to unbelievers in the name of “faith-goodness compliance badges”!
    (We are faith-heads – so what we do and inflict on others, as blind faith, is by definition, “good”! – No brain required.)

  5. The parents of these teenagers may think they are doing the right thing but they are going the right way to lose these sons of theirs altogether. By having their sons sent to this camp in the Dominican Republic, they are clearly expressing their rejection of their sons and demanding that these change into something more agreeable to them. This is not the way love works.

  6. ‘Kickstarter’ fundraiser for the film has 17 days to go as of today.

    I know I’ve mentioned the movie ‘Prayers for Bobby’ 47 times, but my hope is that at least one person will take heed; for the love of your goD people, please watch it.

  7. The American people should wake up to this. This is brain washing. Simple as that. What would they do to a woman who wants an abortion !! Kidnapped them and tell them that is wrong !!!! Any young person who is different to the religious world would be vitcim to this evil cult. America must do something about it now !

  8. In reply to #9 by ikinmoore:

    The American people should wake up to this. This is brain washing. Simple as that.

    Standards of ethics and compliance with the spirit of the law are set from the top!

    Twisting, dodging and law evasion for political expediency, seem endemic in US politics, as laws are circumvented by moving offshore to deny quick or full access to the American justice system.


    About Face! Guantanamo Bay was massive mistake, says U.S. Major General that served as first commander of detention camp when it opened in 2002 . Marine Major General Michael Lehnert said the Cuba detention camp ‘validates every negative perception of the United States.’

    Extraordinary rendition

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