Pakistani man accuses ambassador to U.S. of blasphemy


Pakistani police registered an accusation from a businessman on Thursday that the country's ambassador to the United States had committed blasphemy, a crime that carries the death penalty, in connection with a 2010 TV talk show.

The accusation against Ambassador Sherry Rehman is the latest in a string of controversial blasphemy cases in Pakistan, a largely Muslim nation whose name translates as Land of the Pure.

According to Pakistan's blasphemy laws, anyone found to have uttered words derogatory to the Prophet Muhammad can be put to death. Those who are accused are sometimes lynched by mobs even before they reach court.

Rehman has already faced death threats from militants after calling for reforms to the country's anti-blasphemy law, according to court documents. Two politicians who suggested reforming the law were assassinated.

The case against Rehman was brought by businessman Muhammad Faheem Gill, 31, who said that the comments Rehman made about the law on the Pakistani talk show in 2010 were blasphemous.

"I've been trying to get this case registered for the last three years, ever since I saw that TV show," Gill told Reuters. "I've even gone to the highest court. I'm glad that action will finally be taken now."

Written By: Asim Tanveer
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  1. So this bloke has been trying for years to get this woman killed – and he’s “glad that action will finally be taken now”…

    You’ve got to love the religion of peace… no, really, you’ve got to love it…

    Or else…

  2. Now and again, lunatics try taking over the asylum because they don’t think the crazed nursing staff are up to running the outfit. Bit tricky though this blasphemy rap, a number of statements about Mo considered to be factual wouldn’t look dandy on anybody’s CV. I doubt if Gill would want them on his CV even if he does think Mo is the perfect man.

    Having a blasphemy law that can’t be tried properly for fear the courts may be seen to be repeating the blasphemy just go to show how sloppy the asylum has become.

    • In reply to #6 by IDLERACER:

      If I may state the obvious, she’s committing blasphemy in that very photograph. She ought to be ashamed, allowing herself to be filmed in Islamabad without wearing a hijab.

      And taking someone’s picture is also committing blasphemy …

      And that statue …

      And the other one under the table …

      And the painting on the wall …

      And the curtains …

    • In reply to #10 by Free Speech:

      If we can just get the women under control, every thing will be OK!

      (Grunt, strain and grimace like a real Muslim when you read this sentence)

      Grunt, strain and grimace like a real Muslim? Jesus Christ wept. What would that sound like, Free Speech?

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say your entire experience of ‘real Muslims’ has come from the television and the sort of websites your type is so fond of, and from where you acquire your dubious statistics.

      Seriously, man, have you ever posted a comment here which wasn’t about your hatred for these people?

  3. “Purity” is the ultimate tool of every injustice. Here, and everywhere in history, whether defined by religion or politics, it ends up defined as something only the blood of others can produce. “Blasphemy” makes the old-fashioned “witchcraft” look like a pointed stick compared to a loaded machine-gun.

    Pakistan was a doomed nation from the day of its birth, and has nuclear weapons.

  4. From the article: “The charge is difficult to defend since blasphemy is not defined and courts often hesitate to hear evidence, fearful that reproducing it will also be blasphemy.”

    Doesn’t this remind of the “Jehova, Jehova” stoning scene in the Life of Brian?

  5. I would like to hear more about this story. Since it’s so old, has it moved forward in the court? What happened in the talk show, and what exactly did Rehman say that was blasphemous?

  6. “Muhammad Faheem Gill, 31, who said that the comments Rehman made about the law on the Pakistani talk show in 2010 were blasphemous.”

    Unless the blasphemy laws in Pakistan are now gods or a religion themselves that are worshipped and cannot be questioned then I don’t see how criticising the man made law is blasphemous. I think Faheem has been exposed to some serious mind altering drug – religion.

  7. I think a site should be opened where people around the world should do balsphemy every day until this law would be removed and not removing the law from constitution of pakistan means continue blasphemy. That way anyone supporting this law is the cause of blasphemy and this law should apply to him also. :)

  8. A vivid example of the fallacy that the brutal extremes of Islam are not confined to a lunatic fringe but are endorsed by masses of people and “legitimised” by their governments.

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