Boy Scouts Prepare to Accept Gay Scouts Jan. 1


A landmark change for the Boy Scouts of America is scheduled to take place this Wednesday, when a new policy allowing gay scouts goes into effect.

The Boy Scouts' policy toward gay members and gay leaders has brought controversy to the organization for years. It voted earlier this year to allow gay members, but not gay leaders.

The organization has put in place some rules along with the new policy, such as the ban on scouts using their Boy Scout uniform to promote political causes, which will include gay scouts promoting gay political causes.

The BSA declined to answer questions about the implementation of the policy today, but released a statement that said there would be a "smooth transition to the new membership policy," and expected "no major changes to the delivery of the Scouting program."

"While people have different opinions about this policy, we can all agree that kids are better off when they are in Scouting," the statement said.

Written By: Colleen Curry
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    • In reply to #1 by A3Kr0n:

      Here’s something I just read in the Wiki:

      “In December 2013, Lockheed Martin announced it would end donations to the BSA over the organization’s ban on openly gay adults serving as leaders”

      Lockheed Martin, one of the biggest and dirtiest weapon dealers in the world is funding the BSA and they are accepting the money? I’m still a member of a German scout group and I must say there seem to be more than just cultural differences between the BSA and scouting as I have come to know and love it!

    • Nope, but the sun did ‘flip upside down’.In reply to #3 by Miserablegit:

      Will the earth spin off its axis as a result of this decision? No and the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

  1. Really what they are saying is the Scouting movement is only allowing openly gay scouts. They have had plenty of gay scouts and scout leaders over the years. So now they will allow you to be opening gay and a scout a all too late move in the right direction.

    • In reply to #6 by foundationist:

      I like the headline: “Prepare to accept”! What do these preparations look like? How do you prepare for accepting gays? I know it’s sad, but still pretty funny!

      “Gays coming Monday morning…………..make sure you’re ready!”

  2. When I was a member of the British Boy Scouts we had a female Akela (leader). I have no idea if she was gay, but she certainly was very sexy in her scouting uniform and gave all of us boys distinct swellings in our khaki shorts!

    Full marks to the BSA for seeing reason at last.

  3. As a parent of a scout and knowing how some of the adult leaders feel about homosexuality, I would recommend any parent that want to put their openly gay child into scouts talk to the leader first. The leaders I have had experience with tend to be openly anti-gay. (Especially at parent meetings.) This “hostility” wasn’t even apparent to me until this ruling by BSA came out. Also note, BSA has done little to “prepare” to accept gay scouts.

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