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Published on Jan 1, 2014

On Sep 29 2013 
George Washington University (with Jamila Bey)
Lisner Auditorium

Join world-renowned evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins as he presents his first-ever memoir, An Appetite for Wonder, in conversation with journalist Jamila Bey. The author of such seminal works as The Selfish Gene (dubbed "the best work of popular science ever written" by the New York Review of Books) and the atheist treatise The God Delusion arrives at GWU to launch this chronicle of his own intellectual awakening. From birth to the halls of Oxford, trace the development of the man the London Evening Standard called "one of the most outstanding intelligences in modern science."

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  1. Enjoyed it very much, but I wonder why Jamila Bey said that men and women went to the moon. Perhaps she meant that the male astronauts went as representatives of all people, including women.

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