In Reason We Trust


This documentary is based largely on the Reason Rally in Washington DC. It features interviews with Richard Dawkins, Adam Savage of "Myth Busters," Greg Graffin of Bad Religion (plus a performance of their "Think Before You Die" song), Eddie Izzard, Lawrence Krause, Tim Minchin, and many others. 




Written By: Scott Burdick
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  1. Great stuff. Excellent to see/hear all those rational thinkers, some profound, some humorous, some just common sense, contrasted with the blinkered spoutings of the religious. Also, I think I’m a little bit in love with Cristina Rad.

    • In reply to #8 by Indygrl76:

      We need to make this a regular event and keep the national conversation going… Any thoughts?

      I went to the Reason Rally and it was fantastic. If they had one every year I’d be happy to attend. I think I read somewhere that there is another one planned for 2016. That’s too long to wait IMO. I agree that we should keep the conversation going in a very loud public way!

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