Dinner with Richard Dawkins in Chicago, IL April 13th


One last dinner. One last time.

Richard Dawkins will be in Chicago on Sunday, April 13th for an intimate dinner of lively, intelligent conversation with a small group of supporters. The next day he leaves for his home in the U.K.


This is your last chance to spend an evening with the man Prospect Magazine called the "World's Greatest Thinker" and support the work of his foundation.

Probe whatever questions you like, at length, while you dine personally with a celebrated scientist, known for his eloquence. Richard brings large audiences to their feet around the globe, but in Chicago he will be conversing with you in a quiet atmosphere away from the crowds.

Dinners in Austin, Texas, and Boston, Mass. are completely sold out. This is the final dinner with Richard in North America. Buy your tickets now.

Proceeds go to the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. $900 of your gift is tax deductible.

Location: Chicago, Illinois. (Exact location to be emailed to paid attendees only.)

Cost: $1,000 per person.

Written By: RDFRS


  1. Welcome, in advance, to Chicago, RIchard!

    Chicago is known as the “Windy City” for all the hot air dispensed from pulpits every Sunday. 😉

    Your contribution will be a pleasing zephyr by comparison.


  2. Also offering ‘Doner with Ben’ in Manchester, NW England.

    This is a rare chance to have a doner kebab with a man his mother once called “Nothing to do with me.” and support the work of ale makers and fast food takeaways.

    Probe whatever questions you like, at length, while you dine personally with a celebrated alcoholic, known for his flatulence. Ben brings angry mobs to their feet around your table but in Manchester he will be carousing with you in whatever bars he’s still allowed to enter.

    No event has ever sold out, but this may well be the final one available with Ben as his long-suffering liver has filed for independence.

    Proceeds will all go behind the bar, into quiz machines or paying bail.

    Location: Manchester, NW England (although you may wake up in a ditch just outside Belfast).

    Cost: Dignity.

    • In reply to #8 by bluebird:

      Decisions, decisions …

      Go to the White Sox game, or extend phenotype 😉

      Tonight – premier of Neil Shubin’s Your Inner Fish – PBS stations.

      Heheh that poem was so funny.

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