Richard Dawkins – Growing up in the Universe


The world-famous evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins presents the Royal Institution CHRISTMAS LECTURES in 1991. 

Original broadcast live on the BBC, the series explored "our own growing knowledge of how life grows up in the universe."

This is the first lecture in the series entitled "Waking up in the Universe".

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  1. I have had this series on dvd for quite a few years, and have shown it to the children of friends on numerous occasions. With a little help, even 6 and 7 year old children grasp the concepts of evolution. It proves that anyone who denies evolution must be willfully ignorant.

  2. I think it would be helpful and timely if this lecture were to be distributed to every school in Britain.

    Coincidentally, as I write, a teacher is being interviewed on the radio about his school’s curriculum and ethos, and I find it slightly worrying listening.

    He is clearly a very devout, loving and well meaning man and father, but his response to some of the interviewer’s questions are I think less than totally forthcoming.

    I imagine that as an individual he finds himself in an invidious position. He cannot abandon or go against the deeply held religious beliefs instilled in him by his upbringing since childhood, and which he applies daily with every good intent in his private life, but neither can he, in all reasonableness, continue to pursue his career as a teacher in the outside world if he doesn’t at the very least modify them.

    I think perhaps this lecture would be of assistance, not so much to him as to his students; and even to the staff.

    I’ve found it extremely difficult to express myself on this matter without sounding patronizing, but I have done my best.

    If I’ve offended anyone I most certainly do not apologize.

  3. In reply to #3 by Stafford Gordon:

    I think it would be helpful and timely if this lecture were to be distributed to every school in Britain.

    Sounds great in theory, for u.s. schools too!

    Long has it rankled that substitute teacher day means just watching a cartoon movie. Show this dvd instead! But of course, there’s nothing controversial about a cartoon; can’t take a chance on the kiddies actually thinking and questioning for themselves. Watch out for ma and pa slapping a lawsuit on the school.

    Anyway, the DVD is available @ the store.

    I most certainly do not apologize


  4. I believe that RD should start a charity to create a school in the UK based on educating pupils in science!
    Of course an entrance examination would be necessary ; but ambitious pupils could be given a knowledge test curriculum.
    At the start it would be fee paying organisation; but scholarships for pupils whose parents are of low income should be a part thereof.
    The school should be called Darwin Dawkins college or something similar.(with invitations to people like Laurence Krauss and J Craig Venter and other gifted science pals of RD) to give occasional lectures.
    I had my son educated at Winchester College and was astounded by their educational standards.
    I have remained disappointed by my education on evolution ; despite the fact that “the Origin of Species” is the metaphorical bible for the importance of science for the future?
    The casuistry of religion ,is without a poison; that attempts to denigrate the power and importance of science!

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