The Unbelievers is now available!


    ‘The Unbelievers’ follows renowned scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss across the globe as they speak publicly about the importance of science and reason in the modern world – encouraging others to cast off antiquated religious and politically motivated approaches toward important current issues.

    The Unbelievers was released in the US and Canada on June 3, 2014. The title is already available for on iTunes and Amazon.

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    More info on additional VOD carriers, DVD release, and bonus features coming soon.

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      • Ironically, when the cinema screenings were announced earlier in the year many of the comments were demanding to know why it wasn’t available on DVD.

        In reply to #7 by klypto:

        This is good news, but I thought it was going to be in theaters also.I am not sure many believers will view this and “preaching to the choir” comes to mind.

    1. I recently viewed The Unbelievers and was disappointed. First off let me say I always enjoy watching Richard Dawkins and Lawrence krauss in discussion but my issue is with the editing and the failure of targeting a specific audience (in my opinion).
      For the atheist community the footage was probably seen before and offered no compelling discussion we have not been presented countless times before. As for the faith based audience or the people on the fence, it seems (again in my opinion) this will not sway them in any way because it was basically a compilation of arguments showing how ridiculous they look when engaging in discussion with someone opposing their views. Lastly and the thing that got to me the most was the choice of music/melody they put in at certain parts. It was a tone that belonged in The Omen or any movie that you expect to see the villain, and they played it a few times while Dawkins and krauss where just walking. It just annoyed me.

      Anyway I still enjoyed it but no more than any lecture or debate these two have taken part in. I would love to see more documentaries promoting reason but for fucks sake, get someone who can promote it without some Hollywood cameos as its main selling point.

      • In reply to #8 by ChemicalBias:

        I recently viewed The Unbelievers and was disappointed. First off let me say I always enjoy watching Richard Dawkins and Lawrence krauss in discussion but my issue is with the editing and the failure of targeting a specific audience (in my opinion).
        For the atheist community the footage was probably…

        Perhaps i was a bit too critical of the documentary. I just viewed it again and there is particular viewer base that it can appeal too. The atheist community that has not been exposed to the debates, scientific arguments and overall purpose people like Dawkins and Krauss find in debating theists. Also for the people who see promoting reason to people who seem to find peace in ignorance as silly or even offensive, this documentary may sway them to understand its not about destroying the belief of a faith but more of a pursuit of truth. It just so happens that peoples beliefs may be destroyed if presented with truth. (we can hope)

    2. I’d love to see this movie, by all accounts it’s the kind of thing I’d really appreciate – sadly it’s not available in Australia through any of the above stores, iTunes, Amazon etc. … I guess I’ll have to set up a fake identity in the USA to get hold of this movie…


    3. It’s a shame that Australians who want to see it can’t buy this movie online (after all there were several thousand at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne and I reckon a good chunk of them would have bought this movie) …and the film makers won’t get paid a cent by them now either because they’ll resort to bit torrent pirate copies when they’d rather buy the real thing and reward those who made it.

      • The agony of DRM hurting those who want to do the right thing, and completely useless at stopping those who don’t give a damn. That is this day and age when a global release of media would not cost anyone any more to send to us down under. I’ve had the same problems buying books for my kindle. Some Australian publisher owns the rights but doesn’t publish the book so you can’t get it even though its available for kindle overseas. The law should be simple if you don’t intend to publish it the Author keeps whatever money you gave them and they can sell it to someone who will.

        My advice people need to just start independently publishing, cut out the middle man and ridiculous distribution networks that have tried to tie up our access to media for too long.

        In the meantime I await with baited breath for it to become legally available in Australia.

    4. Just watched it….such a tease!! Of course the content was great. But, and its a big one, the snippets at each location are just a bit too small/short. Why did it have to be so short this could have been 3 hours long and it would still be highly entertaining! We are Dawkins deprived down here (New Zealand)! Please come back down and visit again soon and next time make sure who ever brings you announces it as I almost missed out and many of my other friends never found out in time!!

    5. I think these words deserve to be put in stone so people know that at least someone knew what is happening. Great words of insight and what an incredible perception of reality.

      ‘My hope for Atheism is that it will no longer be necessary, we don’t call ourselves Athorists and Azusists and Alepricornists because its not necessary. And my hope is that the day will come when it is simply taken for granted that everybody doesn’t believe in Yahweh any more than they believe in Thor and Jupiter.
      I think there’s some indication that the religious lobby is getting increasingly desperate and is increasing the venom and the vitriol with which they fight back and I think what we may be seeing is the beginning of the death throes and when you see a wounded animal in its death throes it tends to lash out.’ quote from The Unbelievers

      A huge scientifica wave or reason is being built by these ‘Blues Brothers’ has started and all the pieces will need to adapt to this new tune or they will simply be out of date. Nothing lasts forever

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