Atheism is a religion and requires just as much faith as Christianity! -_-

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Do you ever hear stupid christian arguments like this? Atheists have faith! Atheism requires faith! Atheism is a religion! Christians- this is really dump. STAHP!



    • Wel… I kinda do :) I love not collecting them!

      But seriously: I often say “I don’t have a faith” and quite often get the response “Well, that’s a kind of faith too”.
      In those case I ask them “If I’d say that I don’t have a bike, would you say that no bike is a bike too?”

      But maybe, when you’ve lived your life in the context of a belief-system, it’s quite difficult to fathom a world without faith. Like – to me – it’s hard to think about “what’s beyond our universe” or “what happened before the beginning of time”.

  1. Feel a little bit that you glossed over the issue of whether a rejection of the belief there is a/many deities is a belief or not. Are you rejecting on the grounds it is a belief, or the grounds it is not true? I like Paul K Feyerabend’s work, although I must say I have hit a bit of a wall with philosophy in terms of my understanding. The philosophy of the mind and language is hideous!

  2. Atheists have “faith?” Get a grip, I have no discernible faith in atheism, nor do I have a God. To show just how weak and near non-existent my “faith” in my atheistic belief really is, all you have to do is show me the rabbit fossil in the pre Cambrian (or any other than the more recent) deposits, and I will jump ship immediately.

  3. Great post, I share your frustration! :-)

    One thing though – I think it is a mistake saying that atheists by necessity is for (or against) gay marriages, abortion or any other opinion-stuff. Those questions have nothing to do with whether God exists or not! Even if the opinions often are correlated, I think we should not mix them. One person might well be an atheist, and still want middle-age laws for whatever other reason(s).

  4. Jaclyn,

    I love your videos and attitude.

    Please would you introduce yourself to two other superhuman women, Malarla (the Pakistani girl shot in the head by the Taliban) and Meriam (the Sudanise lady who bravely challenged the Shaira court at the pain of death).

    There is another superhuman female, Nial Ferguson’s wife.

    I am not trumpeting feminism. I am trumpeting bravery. You and these three others are brave.

    I actually disagree with some of what you have to say and I welcome you and others entering a dialogue on the points I make below:

    Who would be an agnostic today or 150 years ago? Only a wet, as in wet behind the ears. There are two books on the table, Genisis and The Origins of the Species, and you choose to be an agnostic. “I cannot decide, I am an agnostic”. No, you are a wet. Get out of the kitchen. You cannot decide between the geological record and Adam and Eve. Goodbye.
    Man is not religiouse and none have ever invented a religion. Polytheism superseeding animism and monothisim superseeding polytheism were intellectual achievements. Each superseeding the other because of its greater “thruthlikeness” and explanatory value. Nothing to do with religiousity. But everything to do with the best argument of the day.
    We continue to trust the best argument today.
    We don’t do history, we don’t do the Bible, we don’t do evolution. We only do argument.

  5. I am a huge believer in myself, I believe most religions are just fear of the unknown so much that when they die they won’t be scared to have “god” waiting to guide them. I don’t fear death because it is a part of life, we come, live long or short and we pass on, it happens. I have a huge hatred towards “god” (if he/she is real) because you hear so many pray, pray and speak of his/her miraculous duties not coming true and yet there is still so much tragedy in this world. I am a athiest, agnostic, misotheist. I am open minded about there possibly being a “god” but I will never like him, I respect religion, but I don’t respect those who throw a the babble under your face saying ‘join him in his ever lasting love’ I don’t need to have a “god” I am stronger just to believe in myself. :) peace

  6. My so-called faith in atheism was severly tested today when I saw the Birmingham Mail front page headline ‘Aston Villa boss makes bid for Moses.’ Perhaps manager Paul Lambert has got a cunnung plan to play him up front alongside Jesus and John the Baptist? In respect for the commandments, I presume Moses will be given the number 10 shirt.

  7. Bob Springsteen Jul 29, 2014 at 7:08 am

    My so-called faith in atheism was severly tested today when I saw the Birmingham Mail front page headline ‘Aston Villa boss makes bid for Moses.’ Perhaps manager Paul Lambert has got a cunnung plan to play him up front alongside Jesus and John the Baptist? In respect for the commandments, I presume Moses will be given the number 10 shirt.

    They can only play Jesus Navas if Man. City let him go, while Jean-Baptiste would have to come over from the USA!

    They could even get Mohammed Abu, if Norwegian club Strømsgodset will transfer him! (Another miracle???)

    • Alan, what about the indomitable atheist Brian Clough? After he had created a Nottingham Forest side that became the best team in Europe, he said “What is so special about this chap Jesus once walking on water? I walk on the surface of the River Trent everyday.”

      • Bob Springsteen Jul 29, 2014 at 9:48 am

        Alan, what about the indomitable atheist Brian Clough? After he had created a Nottingham Forest side that became the best team in Europe, he said “What is so special about this chap Jesus once walking on water? I walk on the surface of the River Trent everyday.”

        Yeah! But to actually do that, you need some ability + faith in the boat driver, the tow-line, and the skis!

    • headline ‘Aston Villa boss makes bid for Moses.’

      There was a famous incident involving Australian Rules football back in the 70’s. There was a player, Hudson, who was an absolute gun, kicking 100 goals per year. Way ahead of any other player. He was referred to with almost religious reverence.

      A Xtian put up a huge graffiti slogan in that teams home area, saying, “Jesus will return in 1975” Another wag wrote underneath this, “What will they do with Hudson.” A third person wrote, “Move him to Centre Half Forward.” Thus ends the lesson.

      Faith is a belief in a subject in the absence of evidence, or contrary to evidence. Does not believing in any gods, qualify as a faith? There is no evidence that gods exist, or don’t exist, so it doesn’t breach the second qualification. As a correspondent said above, “Show me a rabbit fossil in the Precambrian” That would be evidence that required an adjustment of belief. No rabbit, however, so no belief.

      The first qualification is not provable either way, however when “Probabilities” are applied, to compare the religious view of world formation, and the scientific evidence available, the “Probability” of god existing, disappears almost to infinity. So the existence of a god, while unprovable either way, is so unlikely as to be near absolute zero. Hence, atheists hold their view without reference to faith.

      p.s. Amazing what you can find on YouTube. Here is a bit about Hudson.

  8. I think its safe to say that atheists do have faith . What we believe we consider a rational reasonable assumption that it is silly to believe in any object , deity etc that has no evidence . Ie can not be shown reliably and repeatedly to be observed or otherwise proven. In the same way that lack of evidence that the spaghetti monster does not exist its no proof that it does. The difference with religions or other irrational faiths is that it is based on what they consider a reasonable or desirable theory without needing any proof other than respected peoples say so or a book of magic.

  9. “Atheism is a religion!” argument

    Hemant, aka Friendly Atheist, deftly deconstructs a recent video piece by conservative atheist A E Cupp.

    Don’t know enough about Ms. Cupp to have a solid opinion, but she comes across as slightly controversial.

  10. I am an atheist, and I have faith, but my faith is not a belief in a conscious entity that has supernatural powers and/or attributes. I have faith that the forces which interact with matter throughout time will continue to do so forever. I have no evidence for this, though there is no contradictory evidence, either. Big Bang theorists assert that mass, space, time, gravity, and electromagnetism came into being at some point in time (measuring backwards from now) and therefore might at some future point cease to exist (carefully avoiding the words ‘created´ and ‘destroyed´, which imply a creator and destroyer).

    If my faith were in such an entity as a god(dess), with the capricious nature to arbitrarily choose when to suspend the laws of nature, I would have to abandon all efforts to learn more about the laws of nature, and devote myself entirely to trying to appease the god(dess). I would live in constant fear, and would be continuously grovelling.

    My faith is not shared by all atheists, and so cannot be called an atheist faith, but it is wrong to say that no atheist has faith. I have faith that the sun will rise in about an hour and a half, meaning that I have faith in rotational inertia/momentum. I just don’t have faith that that can be stopped for an hour so that some deity’s pets can win a battle.

  11. Faith. People should be embarrassed to talk about having faith. We don’t need it, and never did.

    We have a reasonable appreciation of our practical limitations, and can reason about what and what not to consider true, whether provisionally or with more confidence. This kind of pragmatism has none of faith’s feel-good but false meekness (“I just have faith in what I believe; I’m not a bad person, you know”), none of faith’s attempts to have a human relationship with propositions or with imagined beings, and none of faith’s defiance or mockery of actual evidence and critical argumentation. It acknowledges that reason simply engulfs everything we consider: if you try to reason that reason itself is overrated, then guess what? You’re using reason to make your point (paradox, much?). But it also acknowledges that reason need not solve everything, because we can reason about why reason can’t solve some things.

    To have that compared with religious faith is the ultimate in foggy-minded, anti-intellectual buffoonery, the sort that would rather campaign to have its half-assed and outdated idiocy elevated in status than to actually try and learn some hard-earned expertise. It’s like comparing the rigorous standards of particle physics to the pathetic standards of pseudoscientific quackery, and saying belief in the Higgs boson is no different than belief in reincarnation.

  12. Jaclyn Glenn has an offensively narrow view of atheism.

    I’m an atheist. Atheism is central to all that I believe. i.e. my system of beliefs. In other words it is my belief system. Jaclyn seems to be confusing belief with wish. Moving on, atheism is so central to my world view, that it is my religion. Many other atheists may not share this view. My wife for instance, does not view atheism as her religion. While she is openly atheist, she describes her religion as humanist, as that is what is central to her perspective on life. Whether or not atheism is a religion is a very individual question, and not something that you should dictate any more than Jews should demand that you’re Jewish simply because your mother was Jewish.

    Lastly not all atheists are prochoice. I happen to be, but it is extremely prejudice to assume that one directly correlates with the other. Unfortunately Jaclyn proves that she is no better than @MSN116, the doctor to be. Unfortunately all we’ve established are that atheists vary just as much as anyone else, and Jaclyn Glenn is one I would be happy to never hear from again.

    [Link to personal blog removed by moderator.]

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