Patients cured of Ebola by doctors is about as far from miraculous as you can get.

While militants following a “religion of peace” were busy decapitating a journalist, scientists were working on a cure for the Ebola virus.  While they haven’t come up with a cure, they are making progress – progress which has resulted in the release of the two infected Americans from the hospital:

Brantly and Writebol’s releases are historic, says CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. They were the first humans with Ebola to ever arrive in the United States. And they were the first humans to receive an experimental Ebola drug called ZMapp, whichmay have saved their lives.

These treatments are also resulting in more survivors outside the United States:

There is no known cure for Ebola, no proven treatment and no vaccine. Treatment consists of giving fluids, monitoring vital signs and responding to acute medical crises. Symptoms include fever, aches, diarrhea and bleeding.