Donald Trump campaign issues press release declaring the winner of the debate. Surprise: it was Donald Trump.

Forget all the analysis of last night’s who can platitude hardest contest Republican debate.  Today Donald Trump’s campaign put out a press release identifying the winner of the debate.  Would you believe it was Donald Trump?

Donald J. Trump was the unequivocal winner of tonight’s first Republican Primary debate hosted by FOX News. Mr. Trump, the definitive first place candidate in all recent national and state polls, proved himself to be a skillful debater, out performing his rivals with decisive responses and swift counter-attacks. Mr. Trump excelled in what was his first ever debate against a group of all talk, no action politicians.

Mr. Trump stated, “I am very proud of my great performance tonight. I am not a debater, but I am a winner. If I am elected I will make this country a total winner — I will Make America Great Again.”